MSI WS63 Mobile Workstation Review

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    The WS63 is a 15.6-inch mobile workstation based on MSI's GS63 gaming notebook. Most design elements are shared between the two notebooks, although there are some subtle differences that we’ll point out in this review.

    The primary factor that sets mobile workstations apart from other notebooks is their inclusion of professional-grade graphics processing solutions. In the case of the WS63,that means an Nvidia Quadro P3000 “Pascal” GPU with 6GB of its own memory. MSI sells an even more powerful mobile workstation based on this chassis in the form of the WS63VR, which has a Quadro P4000 8GB graphics card. That notebook is virtual reality (VR) ready, whereas the WS63 we're reviewing is not.

    The top-grade hardware inside the WS63 doesn't come cheap. Equipped as we reviewed it with a 1080p display, an Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core processor, 32GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, and a 2TB hard drive, it goes for $2,599. A comparable Dell Precision 5520 workstation as we configured it was $2,546. However, the Dell had only Quadron M1200 4GB graphics, a far less powerful solution than the Quadro P3000 in the WS63. Finding other comparable workstations was tough. The HP ZBook Studio hasn't been updated in some time, and on the Lenovo side of things, the ThinkPad P51S doesn't offer a quad-core CPU, let alone the caliber of graphics solutions as the WS63. That puts this WS63 a very advantageous position in the thin-and-light mobile workstation world.

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