MSI PE60 looking for a upgrade solution to 4K display.

Discussion in 'MSI' started by JesseJong, May 22, 2017.

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    Hello there, I am glad to find this place, and this is my first post, hope some one would be help.

    I owned PE60 2QE for almost 2 years, and now seriously consider to upgrade to a 4K panel.

    After did some search, I found PE60 have some spec. limit:
    Mount and brackets: up and down
    eDP cable: label shows 30 pins

    4K panel I prefer to use :Sharp LQ156D1JX01B, however:
    only have mount holes on the left, right, and top.
    requires 4 lanes eDP,

    So guys, please kindly help with my below questions:
    1. could I use current eDP cable? or should I buy a new one with 40 pins.
    2. is it strong enough to hold the panel with only 2 screws? or any way to reinforce it?
    3. if any other panel suggest? (other than LG and Samsung, PenTile is not considered.)
    4. where could I look for panel information?

    It will be great if anybody could give some feedback to me.
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