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Discussion in 'MSI' started by Captscoob, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I bricked my IBuypower CZ15 firmware chip foolishly updating it wrong so I bought a used MSI GT-60 motherboard on ebay and figured Id slap it in and everything would work like normal, it powers up now but im having issues with graphics not switching and fan spinning 100% all the time. The new mother board seemed identical to the old both are MS16F41 Ver.1.1 . I even attempted to flash old bios onto new mobo but it wouldnt let me, I didnt realize a bios was so particular to a certain mobo. What would happen if I tried to flash my old ec firmware on this new mobo? Would anyone know if this motherboard would even work in my system? Any bios recommendations that would fix this.

    Current Bios E16F4IMS.50V
    EC 16F4EMS1 Ver5.17

    Old Bios On IBUYPOWER MOBO E16F4IG6.71D
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