MSI GT75 with i7-9750H and RTX 2070: My Benchmarks and Tests | Review Incoming...

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    I don't expect any improvement on thermal management. The only things that could make a difference would be lower power consumption/voltage or higher fan curves (though default fan curves on mine were extremely loud... hence I had to undervolt the gpu as well to like 0.9V as else I had the fans spin up to 5000 rpm screaming over my gameplay) Look at the sound readings, the laptop can easily reach 60dB under load according to notebookcheck tests (with the i9 version though - the i7-8750h was much better at least in cpu department). But seeing that gpu fan made the most noise for me even after repasting with gelid gc extreme and correcting the loose screw (yeah that happened in the factory lol).... You get the idea. Only undervolting the gpu made it stay at least around 80C with a little less aggressive fan profile (not making me deaf anymore but still loud).
    PS. for reference: my gt75 8rg ate 220W max on the 1080 and 90-100W on the 8750H. But the 1080 generally took over 180-200W mostly as far as I remember stock (220W being the peak). After undervolt these numbers were a whole bunch lower but can't remember exactly how much.
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    Stock voltages and stock paste are very bad. You don't even need a super high end thermal paste, just a good paste job and good undervolting and the difference is massive. Regardless of manufacturer.

    I just got a Lenovo P1 that on stock voltage and paste was on the 90 celsius with 10% utilization of the CPU! In this case, just undervolting (-150mv) and I am hardly reaching 80 celisus now on 40% utilization.

    In my MSI GS75 I went from 95 Celsius 100% utilization to 82 celsius undervolted and repasted with IC Diamond. the GT series has a beefy cooling system, but the amount of voltage and possibly bad paste job can make you have a bad experience with temps from model to model.
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