MSI GS65 with 2060 v. 1070 v. 1060

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    Hi guys,

    I've finally figured out that I want an MSI GS65 (for a variety of reasons), but not sure which GPU I should get. I want my laptop to play most titles comfortably at high graphics for at least 2 years. I will also be using it for school and possibly work after I graduate.

    Best Buy has the following prices (which I believe are the cheapest compared to Amazon and third party retailers):

    GTX 1060 version: $1400

    GTX 1070 version: $1800

    RTX 2060 version: $2000

    I also understand that the 2019 model has a more sturdy chassis and improved cooling. Does that alone make the RTX 2060 version worth 200 dollars more?

    If I want to play most AAA titles comfortably at high graphics for the next 2 years, which model makes the most sense financially?
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    If I am not mistaken, the 1070 is supposed to be Max-q version, so its already at least 10% worse than a normal 1070. Now the 2060 should be the full version, its only when you get to 2070 and 2080 do they become max-q. Now from what I heard about the 2060, is that it is supposed to be as good if not better then a normal 1070. So its actually a bigger upgrade on the GS65 (though if you want to use ray tracing, the 2060 will probably be only outputting at 30fps). I have used the 2018 GS65 and it was a great laptop, especially love the design its so tiny for a 15".

    Got very intimate with it after having to take it apart 12 times or so... to do upgrades then messing up the cloning and trying to fix it lol, not a fun time. You have to take apart the entire laptop just to get to the ram or m.2 slots.

    If possible, I would recommend going with the GS75, its only $100 more at best buy. Same amazing design but this has a 17" screen 3ms screen responce (vs 7ms on 65) and its super easy to upgrade if you ever wanted to add another 16gb stick of ram or m.2 hard drives, it can have 3 m.2 hard drives total (unlike the GS65 the 75 has a ram slot and all 3 m.2 accessible by just taking off the back cover, the 2nd ram slot with the 16gb stick is still on the other side of the motherboard though). And its actually smaller then an Alienware 15 R4 (a 15" laptop) and way thinner. the downside besides it being $100 more if that its currently sold out.

    Edit: lol just realized that the increase in price is also almost 10% so really you are getting better performance with the 2060 vs the price increase.

    Edit 2: Ok, im a bit confused now, i could have sworn the gs65 (from bestbuy) i used was the 1070 max-q. When i checked their product page it says nothing about max-q, msi official page also says nothing about max-q, but some youtube review videos say its max-q. I no longer have a clue if it is or isn't.

    Edit 3: this is saying max-q:
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    I also picked up a 2060 gs65 from BB.
    The price is right.

    that's my benchmark with stock ram/ssd.

    I plan to upgrade the memory for dual channel and the ssd to two samsung 970 pro.

    I was thinking about the gs75 but after having this in hand, I don't see a need for the 17 inch.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    (speakers sound like crap)
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    I think both are over priced, and if I where you I would look at a smaller company like eluktronics or hidevolution.
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    If you're looking for something portable, cheap and fast, here's what comes to mind (I've been watching and looking into this category and price range of laptops for a while now, I started off VERY interested in the MSI GS75 Stealth with a RTX 2060 GPU):
    PS Read the further below to see why I recommend not taking any RAM or SSD

    Best Budget/Value Laptop(s) (MECH/TongFang)
    Mech-15-G2 With a 2060, 4 cell battery, no ram, no OS, Cool Laboratory Liquid Ultra CPU & Arctic Silver 5 GPU Thermal Compound, no hard drive, 3 month no dead pixel guarantee for $1285
    same configuration as the last option but with a 2070MQ for $200 more, which can be flashed to the 90w model for some pretty good performance (zil has done this and gotten great results)
    same configuration as the last option except in the 17in model for the full RTX 2070 (not max-q), this is like $50 more? This is the very best performance/dollar ratio you'll get. A full 2070 is around the same speed as a 2080MQ.

    If I lived in the states I would have already had that third option.. basically the best deal I've found. Great laptop.

    Honorable Mention(s) (EVOC/Clevo)
    P960, great portable and light 16.1in RTX 2060 laptop for $1484 with no OS, RAM, SSD or thermal repaste (still a way better deal than the GS65). This is basically a thin and light 15.6 chassis with a slightly bigger screen make use of free bezel space for extra screen space.
    $1709 to get it in the same configuration but with a 2070MQ gpu
    $2169 for the top end 2080MQ model, making this basically the cheapest 2080MQ laptop on the market

    Get a good aftermarket 16gb (2x8gb) dual channel ram kit ($100) and nvme ssd (hp ex920 is only around $200 for 1tb and very very fast), this will both always give you better RAM and SSD for cheaper than any of the builder options.
    Both are parts very easy to install, and would have been the first places to look at if you ever decided to upgrade down the road, so you'll save yourself that by getting better (and for cheaper) off the bat.
    A windows OEM keys can be had for a little cheaper to if you buy 3rd party, or free if in some cases (like if you're a student and your college provides it).

    *Trying to figure out which RTX GPU variant you want?
    Financially the best options are the RTX 2070 (non-MQ) and 2060. These are the best bang for the buck models.
    If you want to play AAA titles for the next 2 years.. I would at least get a full 2070 or 2080MQ, but this depends on what FPS you want to play at.
    A 2060 will probably net you solid 60+ FPS in most demanding AAA games, on highish settings. A full 2070 or a 2080MQ will net you 90+ at similar settings.
    For just esports titles, a 2060 is more than fine, and will net you 200+ fps on most popular esports titles like league, etc.
    These laptops have 144hz screens so personally I would target 100+ fps.
    If you take thermal throttling into account you are probably losing a few FPS by going the MSI GS65 over the more cooler running options out there.

    **From what I've seen in benchmarks and reviews, the GS65/75 are actually pretty decent for what they are, compared to other mainstream brands (I think they have Asus beat this generation from the benchmarks I've seen), but are not as good thermally compared to the MECH/TongFang chasis laptops. I can't speak for Clevo ones cause I haven't seen much yet of them, but I'm pretty sure they are still at least better than the MSI G65 thermally. Let me put it this way, the TongFang laptops I've seen are benchmarking better than the more full sized Asus Scar II and around as good as the MSI 's more full sized Raider laptops. The MSI GS stealth laptops cool well compared to aero and zephyr somehow, but is still thermally poor/inferior to pretty much any full sized counterparts from what I've seen.

    */** Look here for more information

    Dimension wise, you aren't going to beat the MSI GS65 stealth with any gaming laptop. It's simply the smallest of them all. But, I believe the TongFang and Clevo chassis pretty much beat or come close to every other "slim and light" gaming laptops out there, like the zephyr, aero, etc.

    Quick dimensions:
    MSI GS65 (15.6in)
    14.08" x 9.75" x 0.7"
    4.14 lbs

    MECH-15 G2 (15.6in)
    14.13" x 9.29" x 0.86"

    EVOC P960 (16.1in)
    14.96” x 9.92” x 0.78”

    MECH-17 G1R (17.3in)
    15.5" x 10.25 x 1"

    You can see it's VERY close, these are smaller than you think.

    Looking at these options it's really hard to unsee how overpriced those MSI laptops are compared to Clevo and TongFang chassis laptops, which btw are very good quality (read around online to see what I mean).
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