MSI GS43VR 7RE with headphones

Discussion in 'Price Check Forum' started by captaincranium, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Looking to sell this laptop as well.

    Any ideas on price to expect?

    MSI GS43VR 7RE Phantom Pro
    14' Screen
    GeForce 1060 GTX
    Intel HD630
    Intel i7 7700HQ
    16GB DDR4 2400 Ram in Dual Channel
    Intel 8265 Wireless
    Killer e2500 ethernet
    128 SSD Boot Drive
    1TB 7200 Hard Drive

    Repasted both CPU and GPU with Gelid Extreme. Everything looks great. No dead pixels or anything wrong with the screen, no marks on body, etc. Rarely used at all.

    I am also going to let a potential buy choose between:

    Sennheiser PC360 GAME headphones with the Sennheiser 7.1 Dolby USB Dongle


    Astro A50 V2
    Stand, wireless base, cables included to hook up to consoles, etc
    Astro USB TX Wireless PC Dongle so you can use them on your PC wireless with 7.1 surround sound.
    Astro no longer makes this and its very hard to find and works perfect on pc's

    I am selling another MSI laptop and giving the same headphone options there too

    Price anyone? Thank you...
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