MSI GP63-077 8RE (US) No power detected to battery or power port; can not even boot

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Sager_Uppercut, Dec 27, 2020.

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    Hi! I tried searching for any threads and Google to see if anyone else had this issue with the MSI GP63-077 8RE but couldn't find anything. My notebook

    So since I've owned this notebook it always powered on fine. I usually leave the notebook plugged in since I primarily use it at home. When I did unplugged the notebook it had no problem running on battery and holding a charge.

    Until a month ago that is when I would wake up the notebook from sleep mode it would boot up but the display would not turn on. The notebook would turn on but the screen would just hang. This would happen occasionally when I woke up the notebook from sleep mode. I would have to Hard Reset it and turn it back on and that would usually fix when the screen was unresponsive. This worked for me until one time when the screen wouldn't turn on I went through my Hard Rest procedures. I cycled through this 3 times and the screen still wasn't coming on then finally it just stopped responding and pressing the power button did nothing. Now even with my laptop plugged or unplugged I'm not getting any power.

    I suspect I might have shorted or damaged the power port which is why i'm not getting any charge. I think by replacing it my bring power back to the board. Before I order that part just wanted to hear anyone's take.

    Any thoughts ?
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    I don't know if I translated it well

    sleep problem - best test update ME drivers
    and drivers GPU + IGPU

    or last bios for better compatibility

    ,,,and actual situation ?
    no light on power button or fans loud - SERVICE

    bootlop or black screen - 30s power button when run "full bios reset to defaults"

    or EC reset when is total shutdown

    ,..if he is fully dead - "service" best way

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