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Discussion in 'MSI' started by jks87, May 19, 2019.

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    Hi forum,

    I’ve been looking at the GE75, 2080, 9880h vs 51m 2080 9900k. I need stability as it’s used for work. The 51m instability and burnings scare me a little and the GE75 with 9880h is 600 usd cheaper. A 2080 GE75 with the six core is 1300 usd cheaper than the 51m. Quick a lot in differences.

    Notebook review gives the 9880 GE75 laptop a big thumbs up with stock cpu running up to 4.4 in Witcher 3 for example, and with good paste and undervolt I wonder what it can do. The cpu throttle limit is higher than past versions.

    Does anyone have the model?

    How are experiences with stability, build and longevity? A laptop dying on me costs 700 usd pr day in lost development time. I cannot have that happen.
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