Ms-16F2 (Model Name) Medion X6813 (Marketing Name) Unlocked Bios Flashing

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    My Computer;
    Medion X6813 Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-2630QM
    In Bios;
    Marketing Name: X6813
    Model Name : Ms-16F2

    I successfully flashed bios use this topic's instructions. I appreciate especially @Kingpinzero for his notes.
    1. I flashed the USB Flash Drive with Rufus program and used the Freedos, Fat32 selection.
    2. I copied the files that I used for flashing bios
    3. Restart the system the USB that include the files unlocked.
    4. Firstly I backed up my Ec firmware this command, ENEF_029.exe /DUMP ECFIRMWARE
    5. Secondly I backed up my Bios this command, AFUDOS.EXE BIOS /O
    6. After that I started flashing the Bios with Uahci.bat
    7. Then I started flashing the ECFIMWARE with Ecall.bat but I'm stuck with "TARGET BOARD IS DIFFERENT!" whenever i try to flash the .422 version by using ECALL.BAT,
    8. By forcing flashing with -e -b4c switches I was able to upgrade EC as well,
    9. No problems so far from what it saw.
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