Mobillity Radeon 9700 realtime light relflection - artifacts

Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by Mike the Master, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Hello to everybody at notebookreview, I hope somebody here can help me.

    I'm having a problem with realtime light processing and reflections in all new games.
    No problem with older games (DX7 and down): high fps, great image, all options max.
    Aparently is something wrong with pixel shader.
    In new games (DX8 and up) I see some kind of artifacts where reflections should be.
    If I disable from the game's options special effects or realtime light procesing it works fine ( but not very beautiful :-( ).
    I tried 3 video drivers and some settings but didn't figure out yet.

    The laptop is Acer Travelmate 3201XMi with the following specs:

    Intel Pentium M 715 (1.5 GHz, 400MHz FSB, 2 MB L2 cache)
    14.1 XGA TFT LCD (1024*768)
    ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700/64MB (GPU 400 MHz/ 210MHZ DDR 420MHZ)
    Toshiba MK 8025GAS (80GB)
    Mat****a UJ-822S DVD-Super Multi (support DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM)
    512MB DDR (PC2700)
    802.11b/g wireless LAN

    Win XP SP2 and automatic updates on.
    Drivers are now Omega 26.42, but I had the same problem with Omega 26.25a and even with ATI 4.12 drivers fom Acer website (wich are dated june 2004).

    !!! The strangest thing of all is that in 3Dmark2001 SE I get the same artifacts even with SOFTWARE RENDERING!!!!

    1. hardware malfunction?
    2. chipset incompatibility/bad driver?
    3. WinXP/DX9c problem?

    Here are some screenshots from 3Dmark2001 SE, BF 1942 with "special effects" from video options set to high (artifacts) and low (no artifacts), and Nexuiz with "realtime light processing" set to ON (artifacts) and OFF (no artifacts).

    I found a few games that work perfectly:
    1. Unreal Tournament 2004, with all video options to max quality.
    2.Serious Sam the Second Encounter, works perfectly in both modes (DirectX and OpenGL)
    It seems that the games that don't have realtime light reflections run with no artifacts.
    Thank you in advance to all who are trying to help me.

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