Mobile P4 speed stepping question

Discussion in 'HP' started by TEKEE949, Mar 24, 2004.

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    Hello I'm new here,and just bought an HP Pvillion ze5630 with Mobile P4 2.3 processor.I've seen in system propeties the procesor running at 2.29mhz and sometimes at 1.58. The 1.58 being a power saving mode,but the manual says when on battery power only itshould be at the slower speed. Ifind that on a fully charged battery it will be at 2.29 untill the battery is low(35%) before it steps down.Is this normal? Sometimes with A/C power it will be showing the slower speed,what are the default settings,and can they be adjusted?
    Is there a way to unshade the BIOSand see the memory timings etc?
    Thanks Mobile P4 2.3,768 Ram,ATI Mobility Graphics 40Gig ,54g,15"SXGA. Has the chipset ATI S200 w/IG345.
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