MK5 GPS removal, passthrough questions...

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by thewanderlustking, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Hey guys, I have a quick question I hope to answer before I button this back up tonight. I just pulled factory GPS out of a MK5 I am "building" for a friend. And I am noticing that the GPS sensor is hooked up to the passthrough multipoint connection.

    What do I put in its place? I ask 'cause on my laptop, the normal wireless appears to be connected to this point...

    How does the passthrough work? Like a switch that disconnects the cable when it is plugged into a dock?

    I don't think it matters, his wireless card is routed somewhere else underneath. And I am sure he will never use a docking station. But, I don't like half-@$$-ing anything I put my hands on.
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    The wireless passthrough on my unit I am running has a dual passthrough for GPS and WWAN. I've been thinking about getting an antenna (As the cops have) that is a dual purpose unit to increase GPS and WWAN signal.

    When you drop your laptop into the dock and latch it to make the connection... A spring loaded contact comes out to transfer or "passthrough" the connection to an exterior antenna. (If one is hooked up.) Disconnecting the GPS from this is not an issue as long as you keep a complete circuit and make sure you have everything. I have seen most builds where the passthrough is sort of a mid-way connector from the GPS unit itself, then connects to the passthrough, then runs a cable up to the GPS antenna. In normal operation, without the dock, the GPS runs through the passthrough on its way to the antenna... However, when docked, the passthrough severs the circuit to the stock antenna and runs it out the back when it is latched in the dock and it looks for a GPS antenna there.

    You can bypass the passthrough easily if you have a long enough UFL connected cable to run the length from the antenna all the way to the GPS engine. I used to bypass mine all the time. But I now have a Havis dock in my truck and use my platform as a mobile sales office and I LOVE it! So I keep everything connected now.
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    Ya see this a bit on dual pass-throughs. (maybe most of them) Single pass generally is WWAN. ( I've seen WWAN/WLAN on duals) Connections are sorted at the dock.

    Some lids doors are labeled...CF-30 MK1 has a label on the big door in back fer instance. :) I just peeked.

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