Mechancial Keyboards - Key Chatter malfunction

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by Robbo99999, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Hi All, I have a mechanical keyboard for just over 1 yr now & it's starting to show signs of key chatter / key bounce, which is when you press the key once, and then you get it registered as two key presses. What did you do to fix the problem, and if you've had a trouble free mechanical keyboard for years & years post here with what make & model you're using? I heard key chatter will eventually come to all mechanical keyboards, but mine started just over 1 yr of use, I have a "Thermaltake POSEIDON Z Brown Switches Mechanical Keyboard".

    I've tried fixing the key chatter problem and have so far cured the problem on most of the keys, and I'll try again tomorrow on the remaining problem keys. Following is a description of how I tried to solve the problem. I used some free software to diagnose which keys were being affected, called Switch Hitter ( I used a keycap puller to remove all the keys from my keyboard, then used can of compressed air to clean the keyboard generally, as well as blowing compressed air into the affected keys, I also put a couple of drops of isopropyl alchohol into each of the affected keys & worked them - after leaving to dry I've cured most of the problem keys.

    I may purchase a new keyboard (mechanical) if I can't fix this keyboard.
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