MBP (Late 2016) vs XPS 15 (Early 2017)

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MBP Pro (Late 2016) or XPS 15 (Early 2017)

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  1. Macbook Pro (Late 2016)

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  2. XPS 15 (Early 2017)

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  1. PrinceDevil

    PrinceDevil Notebook Geek

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get some opinions on this on the current MBP against the XPS15 said to be releasing in January.

    The MBP I have prices out is at $2900 and I'm estimating an XPS15 with the build I want, at least based on current prices to be around $1900 so about a $1000 difference.

    I might use it for gaming but it's not a top priority since I plan on a desktop for that and I would have gotten a different laptop if gaming was a priority. I am hoping to pick up graphic design though such as Indesign etc.

    What I'm really curious about is the comparison in quality of the two laptops such as build quality, screen quality, etc. How close is apple to making the extra $1000 worth it?

  2. Galm

    Galm "Stand By, We're Analyzing The Situation!"

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    For the most part it's not. Most reviewers generally agree.

    The build quality is as usual great, as well as the speakers and screen. The keyboard is hit or miss (very very low travel) and the cost is absurd for how weak it is. Battery life is also less than advertised.

    The touch bar is something unique to it, but is kind of a gimmick, a touchscreen or normal keyboard shortcuts would allow you to work without looking away from what you're doing. Doesn't seem like something a "Pro" would have asked for.

    Also it only has Thunderbolt III ports and one headphone jack. So you'll need fairly pricey adapters to connect like 95% of current stuff out and carry them around all the time.

    The cpu on the XPS 15 will be similar in power, and the gpu will be vastly superior (around 70% faster).

    I really don't get the Macbook Pro this time around. It's even more expensive and more limited in what it can do (low max ram limit and proprietary expensive storage).

    Personally I don't think it's remotely close to worth that much. 2900 could get a beastly Aorus X5 or something, which I know is not really the same thing, but it's just a huge premium for OS X and that Apple logo. I'd rather get the XPS 15 and get some beastly headphones or speakers or something personally ;P

    My two cents.

    Edit: you could also get like a Precision 5510 (the business version of the XPS 15) which is built even better and could come with a Xeon and Quadro for around the same as a Macbook Pro or perhaps even less.
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  3. penguinslider

    penguinslider Notebook Consultant

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    What Galm said.

    At this point, the only real reason that you would want to get the MBP late 2016 model is if you REALLY REALLY have to stick to a Mac OS.

    And while MBP's build quality, trackpad and screen quality are the best of the best, the XPS's are just a shade below it. You are really not missing it much and what you get in return in terms of performance, compatibility and price if you go for the XPS is worth it the trade in my opinion.
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