Many questions about upgrading wireless card in G53 / G73

Discussion in 'Asus' started by kimiraikkonen, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Hello folks,
    I read many threads containing a lot of helpful posts, but they are really aged and i cannot reply there as they have been locked.

    My G53JW has Atheros AR9285 (Azurewave) wifi card which supports speeds up to 150 mbps which is low. It also has Broadcom BT-270 Bluetooth module connected seperately through USB internally according to device manager, so wifi card is NOT Wlan / BT combo. I am planning to replace ONLY WLAN card keeping existing bluetooth module as is, with a more powerful one like Intel's old N-6200 which is WLAN only (no bluetooth AFAIK).

    But i have some questions, here they are:
    1) Is N-6200 very different than 6230 and 6300 which are newer than and faster than it? Does it worth to stick with newer cards than 6200?

    2) What would happen to my built-in ATK FN key functions about wireless after installing Intel WLAN card? Will it (FN + F2) still work as it used to enable / disable bluetooth and WLAN cards?

    3) There is an app which works to toggle between BT-270 Bluetooth and current Atheros AR9285, called "Wireless Console". If i upgrade to Intel's Wlan card only, will it still work or would get broken?

    4) Finally, I won't make a clean OS install, so what kind of problems related to software / driver may occur during WLAN card upgrading process?

    I know it is a bit quite long and old, but wanted to give a shot if a beloved Asus Rog owner with Intel Card could help me right away.

    Best regards,

    Have nice week!

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