Managing battery charge level on 9th/10th gen MSI laptops

Discussion in 'MSI' started by senso, Oct 20, 2020.

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    Good night, as most know, Dragon Center is a mess of a program, but on 9th/10th gen MSI laptops it does one thing that can't be done any other way, the battery charge level options.

    I decided to re-install Dragon Center just to check if it was easy to find what register it was changing on the EC to toggle between 60%, 80% and full charge, and well, it was pretty simple, its only one memory address that changes, and 3 values, so Dragon Center can now be ditched for ever and you can still adjust your battery charge level using just RWEverything.

    So, just open RWEverything, press the EC button and write to the register EF.
    BC means 60% charge
    D0 means 80% charge
    E4 means full charge

    80 per cent.png

    I have not tested this on a 10th gen based laptop, but given that MSI reuses a lot of EC code and register positions I'm positive that this will work fine on all 9th and 10th gen MSI laptops. Works perfectly on my GT75 9SF.

    RWEverything portable:

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