Macrium Reflect Installation/Usage Guide

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    Another new option for those who want an fast USB stick for your Macrium Reflect Rescue Disk. Not cheap but fast.

    Patriot Rolls Out Supersonic Rage Pro USB 3.1 Flash Drives | Yesterday, 10:57

    Patriot Memory today rolled out the Supersonic Rage Pro line of USB 3.1 flash drives. Successors to the Supersonic Rage series form 2013, these drives are updated with the latest 3D NAND flash, controllers, and support for the latest technologies. The drives take advantage of USB 3.1 Gen1 type-A interface (5 Gbps), and UASP (USB-attached SCSI) protocol. Its makers claim sequential transfer speeds of up to 420 MB/s, and 4K random access performance of up to 8,000 IOPS, making these drives fit for Windows-to-Go (WTG) and similar BYOD applications. The drives come in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB, and are built in a conventional 2-piece form-factor. Available now, the 128 GB variant is priced at 39.99€, the 256 GB variant at 59.99€, and the 512 GB variant at 109.99€.
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    A few words of praise for Reflect...

    Am in a process of finetuning 10 ltsc + getting programs and settings together on my new Dell 5540. Sometimes need switching back and forth between original 10 pro and new 10 ltsc. Don't have the luxury ftm of having several SSD's to swap (and opening up the 5540 is a lot of screws). So using Reflect images.

    ltsc\pro Images are on a bitlocker (unlocked) external drive. Simply pick an image to restore, Reflect builds it's boot wim on the pc itself, reboots, keeps the external drive unlocked, restores all partitions flawlessly. Works so well, amazing reliablity and ease.
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