macbook won't turn on/start up!

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by Yo!, Aug 29, 2006.

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    2 years late on this post but I had a similar experience.

    My macbook that had just turned 14 months of age, died on me last week.
    Similar to the story above, just that I was not watching DVD's - in fact, mine was a sparingly used machine - for some browsing, Skype etc. One day it would not start. Tried all the tricks mentioned in the manual - finally gave up and took it to the local Apple store.

    The chap at the Apple store was very quick to diagnose the problem with the Logic board!

    And he was right - according to the technical person who checked out the machine. The cost - £500! (Apparently, the Logic board costs £450!) (that values the rest of the macbook at £250)

    I am a doctor. When I diagnose a problem on listening to just the history, not performing a physical examination or some lab tests, usually the disease is quite typical and fairly frequent. If so, the macbook has an inbuilt flaw in its design and Apple are being smug - collecting the money for the repair - blaming it on the customer who has not taken out the exorbitant £199 insurance for 3 years!

    My guess is that the macbook has defects of the motherboard. Anybody else out there?
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