Macbook white, questions.

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by jimmy-floyd, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Yeah i understand this, but we should frankly say that C2D are(were) also good processors :), and regarding nowadays computer updates the Video, graphic side is more important(exactly nvidia 300 series chipset gave a chance for 5> hours lifetime), for e.t.c recently Nvidia declared that they going start to ship Nvidia 400 chipset this year, therefore we could also say that buying a Mb pro with nvidia 300 series is not suitable:).

    Tnx for info.

    I am also going to buy it for ps3, but it will be the first action game for me on ps3, cos using a joystick for aiming is not very comfortable imho. Gaming on a mac or pc is not very important, just interested if macbook could run it for rare playing.

    I will describe the situation - nowadays i have macbook(but as i said with crashed battery and i use it only as desktop) and sony notebook, you know, i bought sony(sz6 vrn/x) for business tasks, as i supposed that windows is more suitable for such a branch, but frankly to say - it is more pleasant for me to work in os10, and of course software is more candy-eye and overally more beautiful. The one thing that bothers me is font anti-alaising or font smoothing in os10
    So thats why i wanna buy macbook.
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