M17x R4 and WX 7100 running on 120Hz eDP 3D display, IT WORKS!

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by SMGJohn, May 2, 2019.

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    No the information is correct you are confusing things here, eDP panels that run at 60Hz yes will work with AMD, we all know this since 2011, however 120Hz did not work, it did not work in 2012 and it does not work today without the use of VDA, it is a different matter however if the said 120Hz display runs 60Hz out the box and only runs 120Hz after you toggle it on manually.
    Do you see my point? Your Clevo, your Alienware, they all worked with AMD and eDP because the panel you used were running 60Hz at UEFI boot sequence but only when you entered Windows and either the drivers or you turned on the 120Hz option.

    For panels that do not have a 60Hz option a VDA is necessary to boot AMD Radeon cards successfully because a VDA uses DisplayPort and forces internal monitor to run at its own output settings hence 60Hz. Computers in general will always prioritise DisplayPort and even if it does not, you can 90% of the time set it to do so in UEFI or BIOS if it is that ancient.

    Also a forum search reveals you only got the HD 8950M CF to work in September of 2018, according anyway to what you wrote.
    So no information is incorrect here, Samsung panels have 60Hz options alongside 120Hz that is why they work out the box however this is something neither you, me or anyone knew until now because there virtually NO information about this.

    And its because of this, I am no longer going to bother dealing with high performance "laptops" anymore, I had enough there too much of a money pit, today I spent 12 hours just trying to figure everything from what you said so that I was bulletproof I never left a single thing out, 12 hours is a lot of time just to make sure something works because I had to reinstall Windows more than 3 times over because the Grinchtel drivers kept destroying my audio drivers.
    Which just proves my point, one problem, leads to another problem, there never a day without issues in the high performance laptop life because at the end of the day, it was never meant to work with parts from 8 years into the future because in laptops very little is built to standard like it is on a desktop.
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    The information, in this thread, was scattered and convoluted with no real conclusion until your post above. I never said anything was incorrect, just that there where a lot of conflicting reports, which is true.
    September 2018 was ages ago yes to me, over half a year ago. I parted ways with both cards shortly after making that thread but still have the machine.
    I'm thankful that you spent the time to make the thread, conclusion to all.
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    Let me make this clear from my experience and methods. Maybe what i have described is not clear enough.

    The panels I used were two different panels, two panel for each laptop. Each laptop has two panel i tested with and either one of them had no option of 60hz or 120hz. They were a 60hz LVDS and a 120hz edp panels.

    I had a M17x R4 and had one 60hz and one 120hz screen ( two screen total)
    I had an Alienware 17 R 1 and had one 60hz and one 120hz screen ( two screen total)

    When i ran a WX 7100 on both machine, I used correspondence 120Hz screen(edp connection)
    When i ran a WX 7100 flashed with RX 480 VBIOS on both machine, i used the 60Hz LVDS screen.

    Basically I swap screens depending on the wx7100 vbios.

    The monitors i had used to test the WX7100 were two different ones and none had an option for changing the Hz for the card to work. I didn't have to use an adapter or anything.

    Basically it's this simple.

    To run a WX 7100 VBIOS you need to have a 120hz screen.
    To run a WX 7100 with RX 480 VBIOS, you need to have the 60hz screen.

    If @SMGJohn had to use a VDA , it's because he had one monitor that can dual switch from 60hz to 120hz ? His method would required for you to use VDA. If I understand his method , he is using a screen that can dual boot to either 60hz or 120hz. I am still confused on his method.

    For a 120hz screen the connection is edp and the card can plug and play with a wx7100 vbios.

    For a vbios of RX 480 to run , you need to have LVDS connection as it will not work on a EDP connection type aka 120hz screen.

    Whatever the screen he is using , that can enable switching from 60hz to 120 Hz and vice versa is puzzling. Is it a special connector and special lcd?

    The method i use it to basically just to have the screen you want to use depending what VBIOS you want to run the WX 7100 in.
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    It seems as though you might have read it backwards and reversed some details.

    He believes you to be using a panel that operates at 60hz during post and can toggle to 120hz after initialization and thus operates as desired.

    He does not have the same panel and only operates at 120hz during post which he believes the WX7100 cant output during POST, thus the need for a VDA to spoof the system and allow POST.
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