M15x Upgrade or Sell?

Discussion in 'Alienware M15x' started by xKarma17, Oct 17, 2017.

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    How is the thermal paste spreading?
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    I wanted to wait for my K5 pro to arrive before re-pasting. So after taking off heatsink, the gpu had a nice even layer of thermal paste over it, but seemed a little too thick. After putting the K5 pro and re-pasting, my temperature problems so far have gone away. I went from idle 51C to 38C idle, browsing 58C to 43C, media playback 66C to 58C, and full load gaming from 90+C to 80ishC.

    I'm not exactly sure why, but my guess is that the thermal pads I was using before were not properly compressing. My Alienware M15x originally had an ATI 5850m. The thickness of the original pads were 0.75mm. When I first switched out the thermal paste of that old GPU, I put 1mm thermal pads. Over the years, with various brands of paste/pads, I was never able to achieve the same thermals when compared to when the laptop was brand new. I wonder if maybe the thermal pads I used were not compressing enough and therefore causing the heatsink to not sit properly on the GPU.

    On the AMD Firepro M6100, my guess is that the thermal pads needed with the Alienware M15x heatsink are 0.25mm pads. The 0.5mm pads I was using seem to be too thick. I also was unable to find any pads of that thickness. So far the K5 pro paste has been able to fill that gap perfectly. I am very happy with the results so far. The only worry I have is whether or not the K5 pro has any type of flow at 75 degrees Celsius. I generally like to keep my laptop on an incline, and therefore do not want the K5 pro paste to gradually flow off the VRAM and VRMs.
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    At this stage M15x is a nice hobby machine but nothing much more. Although xm chip plus 970M can still run any game. Just don't expect it to do so perfectly as the CPU is certainly a bottleneck even when ramped up to nearly 4ghz these days.
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