M-6862 - Strange Issue: Video Completely Negated

Discussion in 'Gateway and eMachines' started by Reize, Oct 1, 2008.

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    I've never felt the need for anti-virus protection as I learned long ago what can give you viruses and what can't, so I just browse without it and haven't had a single issue with viruses for the past 7 years.

    Sorry if that description was a little awkward, I was doing Calculus homework and the writing style of the word problems got into my head a bit. Basically, I have two sticks of 2GB RAM, and one stick of 512MB RAM that I was using to test it. If I only had one of the two 2GB RAM sticks in I was golden, same for if I had one 2GB and the 512MB which is what I'm using now; however, if I put in both of the 2GB sticks it wouldn't work. Singularly, both sticks of RAM worked fine, provided they were the only one inserted.

    I don't have another machine to test the RAM in at the moment, no, that wold simplify things, though. And I was installing DirectX as part of the Warhammer installation, yes. I usually install multiple things at once when I reformat, I usually reformat my computers, just out of boredom mostly, once every month or two. It's never presented an issue before so I didn't consider it while I was doing so.

    However, now it's working very well and it's quite the upgrade even with only 2.5GB of RAM right now. I'll probably be able to test out the RAM again in another computer and see at some point, though I might just purchase some higher quality sticks and try that out. We shall see.

    I truly appreciate your time and effort, though I usually don't have to ask questions I'm glad this time I did.
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