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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Aeyix, Dec 31, 2017.

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    It looks like I'm being forced into getting a new computer prematurely thanks to some unforeseen circumstances. My budget is to be as cheap as possible but realistically it looks like about $1000 will meet my needs so that's what I'm expecting to have to throw down regardless of being able to truly afford it right now.

    I currently have an i7-3840QM and GTX 680M and mostly play SWTOR, GTA V, The Division, and StarCraft 2. The Division I play at the lowest possible settings with res scaling down to 75% to barely reach 60fps. SC2 I play medium settings. GTA V I play high settings with no AA. Lastly, I play and stream SWTOR and will play at various settings while using NVENC encoding.

    Optimally, I want to be able to do everything I can now with some gain would be preferred but I'm not looking to go with anything crazy. I would like to have some slight increased mobility than I currently have with my Clevo P150EM. The original 180W power brick was just massive to lug around, although the replacement I had to buy last month is considerably smaller which is nice. I'm not sure if the original power bricks with Clevo systems today are just as big as my original or if they'll be smaller like my replacement. Otherwise I'm leaning toward something that only needs a 120W PSU instead.

    Also I really don't want to buy another SSD. My current SSD is in good health with a life time 31TB written to it. I don't know if that is a lot or not and if I should look into getting a new SSD anyway to be safe. Otherwise my plan is to just reuse my current one. Also, I don't know if I can transfer my Windows 10 Pro copy or not to the new system. It was a Windows 7 OEM, upgraded with a student Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade, then with a free Windows 10 Pro upgrade through Microsoft's promotion they had a couple years back. If anyone would like to share some recommendations regarding the SSD situation and if they have any knowledge on the windows key situation, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    I'm currently looking into the following two systems but am also open to recommendations. I'm looking at either the 120W PSU 1050 Ti Sager NP6852 or the $200 more expensive system that has a 180W PSU and 1060, the Sager NP7850. For both I'd end up uprading the RAM from 1x8GB to 2x8GB and the Wifi card from the 3168 to the Intel 8265. I'm not sure if I can do this, but there is an option to "remove HDD when purchasing an SSD" but it doesn't prevent you from selecting that option even if you don't opt for an M.2 SSD. So I wonder if I can select that still for using my personal SSD.

    In both cases I know I'm getting an upgrade over my 680M and 3840QM. Less so drastic with the 1050 Ti but nonetheless still a nice boost.
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    Lastly, I can't actually afford a new computer straight up at the moment. So I'd have to choose Affirm payment option if I go with XoticPC as a seller. Anyone have any experience with using Affirm? Will I still be able to review/cancel my order while choosing Affirm in case I don't like the interest rate that I'm offered (since it states a 10-30% APR range).

    Unlike my dying P150EM which was my whole computer solution through college and up till now. I'm planning on having some financial changes in the next year so the plan is for this laptop ultimately to become my mobile solution and to eventually build myself a desktop sometime this year (probably around summertime or just after).
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