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    Hello guys. I want to replace my 10 year old alienware m11x r2 for a good laptop for gaming and light coding and music production for using the next 10 years if possible since i move a lot due to work and i can't carry a tower around with me. I'm considering CLEVO, a MSI, another alienware but i'm totally open for suggestions.


    1. Budget:

    1500 - 2000 € if the stretch is worthy.

    2. Size:

    15 or 17+, Don't care if it's thick and heavy since i always use a wheel bag.

    3. Country:
    I'm from spain

    4. Preferred brands:
    None in particular. I kind of distrust hp for my experience with their printers, though.

    5. Refurbished laptops:
    Ok with that.

    6. Primary tasks:
    Gaming, light programming, office work, study, internet browsing and stuff.

    7. Mobility:
    When COVID ends i will probably take the thing to the library often.

    8. Will you be playing games?
    Yes, both indie and AAA, mostly rpgs or horror.

    9. Battery hours?
    When not gaming 2 - 3 hours would be nice, i'm not planning on gaming unplugged

    10. I dont mind buying online

    11. OS:
    Windos for gaming i guess.

    12. Screen resolutions:
    for this price range i guess the standard is 1920 x 1080. I don't really need 4k.

    13. Glossy or matte:
    Kind of used to matte but i'm ok with both. I like to use screens with very low bright, if that helps.

    14. Build quality:
    IDGAF about looks and stylishness but the build quality is really important to me, i want it to last a decade!.

    15. How much hard drive:
    I guess i need at least 500 ssd for games and coding, i can have external hdd for general info and docs.

    16. When are you buying?
    Since i lost black friday deals because i had to change my residence, i'm thinking about interesting holiday deals.

    17. How long do you expect to use this laptop:
    Around 10 years.

    18 How long could you afford to do without it if it fails?
    As short as possible, please.

    19. Pay for on site warranty?
    I may if the service is good but if it costs a lot i guess i prefer to ship it. I'd prefer a sturdier laptop to avoid needing this.

    My current laptop has survived without scratch 3 really bad falls and the keyboard has started to fail a couple of months ago after 10 years of extensive daily so i was considering another alienware for this reason alone, but doing research i discovered the clevo resellers and checked MSI and asus ROG and TUF series and i'm searching for advice.

    I'm not very experienced with computers so features like a PREMA BIOS may be unnecesary to me if i can get preconfigured energy/performance settings. I like the idea of a laptop that can be upgraded by the user, though, it's one of the main attractives of the CLEVO for me. I was thinking in getting the OBsidian PC Nh55 but i'm not sure yet, i also looked at the alienware area 51m r2 or an msi raider, or getting a butget ASUS Tuf for using it less years in case i find a more geographically stable job.

    Thank you everyone. Feel free to ask whatever extra info you may need!


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