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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by pombozzera, Sep 11, 2020.

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    I have been looking for some used workstations in order for me to get a secondary machine. If possible, i'd like a machine with socketed CPU and MXM graphics. I have been looking machines as old as Core 2 Duo ones, but i'd like something a little bit more powerful/recent.
    I don't want anything new as i know it is impossible to fulfill my requests with the price and other things i'm looking for. I just want a nice workstation for me to use as a secondary machine and to learn one or another thing when disassembling and messing around with it.

    1) What is your budget?
    less than 200 USD

    2) What size notebook would you prefer?
    15 inch

    3) Which country will you buying this notebook?
    brazil, but i'm looking for all types of computer models to see if i can find used here

    4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?

    5) Would you consider laptops that are refurbished/redistributed?
    not really

    6) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?
    Mostly microsoft office usage, but maybe netflix and some gaming

    7) Will you be taking the notebook with you to different places, leaving it on your desk or both?
    At first desk only, but i look forward to take it to different places

    8) Will you be playing games on your notebook? (If so, please state which games or types of games?)
    yes, League of Legends / Minecraft / other light games

    9) How many hours of battery life do you need?
    more than 2/3 hours, if possible (cranking all settings possible to max battery saving, such as undervolting and shutting down dedicated graphics)

    10) Would you prefer to see the notebooks you're considering before purchasing it or buying a notebook on-line without seeing it is OK?
    preferably see, but if there's good enough photos that'll do

    11) What OS do you prefer? Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc.
    Windows, but there wouldn't be any problems if it were a Linux computer

    12) What screen resolution(s) would you prefer? (See further below for explanations.)
    1080p if possible, but don't really care much about it

    13) Do you want a glossy/reflective screen or a matte/non-glossy screen? (See further below for explanations.)
    doesn't make a difference

    14) Are the notebook's looks and stylishness important to you?

    15) How much hard drive space do you need?
    at least 256GB

    16) When are you buying this laptop?
    more than 2 weeks from now

    17) How long do you expect to use this laptop?
    at least 2 years

    18) How long could you afford to do without your laptop if it were to fail?
    There wouldn't be any problems, since i have another computer for me to use

    19) Would you be willing to pay significantly extra for on-site warranty, or would it be acceptable to you to have to ship the laptop to the vendor for repair with perhaps a week or more outage?
    Doesn't make a difference, i guess that my only options wouldn't have any warranty left anyway, and i look forward to fix them myself if possible

    I don't really mind if the computer has one issue or another, provided that it can be fixed. So if you guys could help me at least have an idea of what machines i can look for, that would be of great use.
    Thank you.
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    Look online for the Dell Precision M6500 or M4500 (depending upon your preference between 17" and 15"). They're 16:10 screens, better than the 16:9 that most laptops are now.

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