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Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets' started by Kyle, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Screen size: 11" -16"
    Battery: Good battery life, ideally the battery would be replaceable
    OS: Something that is not apple. Windows preferably

    A computer/tablet hybrid would be good.
    Primary use: For work.
    Pen: Must have pen. I will write documents, make notes using pen (primary use). Also expect to use MIcrosoft teams.
    Keyboard: If it comes with a keyboard, that's a plus.
    Camera: don't care
    Cost: Would like it to be not too expensive.
    Manufacturer: Not apple. All others OK. Especially interested in HP.
    Expected life: 3+ years
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    Surface of your liking. Even an older pro model would work for you. The go is a great tablet you can do work on. It all depends on what you are doing. I have the 6th gen iPad. I can do about 80 percent of what I need for work on it. If I had the go, I could do 100 percent because of web restrictions on iOS. In my opinion the surface go would be you ideal machine as long as you don’t want to game on it.
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    By now... the major 5's should hv pushed out their 15inch biggies, and limited amount to market with 17inch convertibles.
    For not too expensive(or rock bottom price) makes, the CPU+Internal Memory Capacity+RAM configuration could disappoint some expectations out there. Quite a number also comes with toned down Win10Home-S where user experience may not be satisfactory.
    Look out for those with internal storage(such as 256gb or above) than can be upgradable such as NVME or SSD in 2.5case. Avoid eMMC at all cost as Windows doesn't behave like Linux, that clean junks after system OS update.

    Batteries are mostly sealed nowadays, especially those with new age CPUs of Intel 7th gen and above and those of Ryzen 2000 series and above. Even if u may encounter one that hv removable battery, it's going to be a tedious process removing the base cover unscrew the battery and replace with a charged one...

    My part of model suggestion, look for Lenovo's 15inch makes such as Flex15(in the North American market) or C340-15(elsewhere) for Windows OS. Or C630 Yoga for Chrome OS.
    Standard package includes the touch pen for either models. Warranty can also be configured to 3yrs on site or with Premium Service addition.
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