LG Control Center & Upgrading to Windows 10

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Have you made the move to Windows 10?

  1. Yes, and everything is working perfectly.

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  2. Yes, but I'm experiencing some issues.

  3. Not yet, but I plan to.

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  4. I'm on the fence about upgrading.

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  5. I have no plans to install Windows 10.

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    If you've recently taken the plunge and updated your notebook to Windows 10, you may experience that some LG specific software cease to function. I, for one, was not too happy to find out that neither LG Intelligent Update nor LG Power Manager Suite would open properly after the upgrade. Thankfully, LG has released another application tailored to the new operating system that allows you to change the USB charge setting, fan profile, and other more generic features that you'll also find elsewhere. The Korean download page can be found here.

    How has the upgrade process been for you? Mine can be found in the spoiler:
    After having seen the "Get Windows 10" app icon on my LG P330 for a while, I ran the Media Creation Tool shortly after the OS release and proceeded to make the move from Windows 7 to 10. What seemed like a hassle-free upgrade process at first turned out to be a bit of a disaster, however: after having everything up and running for several hours, I got a BSOD while playing a video, citing a 64-bit system file as the culprit. The failure led to an automatic repair loop, and given that the RegBack folder was empty, a recovery was difficult enough for me to opt for a fresh install. Good thing I backed up my Windows 10 license after upgrading. On the fresh install, the only notable issue I'm experiencing is that the screen can take a while to reactivate upon cursor movement, but that's supposedly down to the Nvidia driver.

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