Level1 News November 14 2017: Does Discovery Cause Kidney Failure?

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    Level1 News November 14 2017: Does Discovery Cause Kidney Failure?
    Source Links: https://www.one-tab.com/page/_JLZVrdWRHeeI_AAXY7mtA

    0:44 - Bitcoin Cash Skyrockets, Bitcoin Price Drops As Civil War Continues
    2:54 - Following Equifax breach, CEO doesn't know if data is encrypted
    3:50 - UK panel rules Uber drivers have rights on wages, time off
    5:08 - DOJ: Strong encryption that we don't have access to is "unreasonable"
    8:16 - YouTube says it will crack down on bizarre videos targeting children
    10:31 - Nearly Half of Colorado Counties Have Formally Rejected a Comcast-Backed Law Restricting City-Run Internet
    13:00 - Justice Department Says Not So Fast to AT&T's Time Warner Bid
    14:48 - Former Yahoo CEO apologizes for data breaches, blames Russians
    16:33 - US Court Grants ISPs and Search Engine Blockade of Sci-Hub
    18:39 - Sex toy company admits to recording users' remote sex sessions, calls it a 'minor bug'
    19:44 - Man Uses DDoS-for-Hire Services to Attack Former Employer, Taunts Firm via Email
    21:58 - WikiLeaks Starts Releasing Source Code For Alleged CIA Spying Tools
    25:54 - Facebook to Fight Revenge Porn by Letting Potential Victims Upload Nudes in Advance
    27:56 - Matrix PowerWatch hands-on: The promise of a world without chargers
    29:35 - Some iPhone X displays plagued by mysterious 'Green Line of Death'
    31:10 - Google Working To Remove MINIX-Based ME From Intel Platforms
    33:34 - Intel and AMD team up: A future Core chip will have Radeon graphics inside
    37:22 - Intel Hires Former AMD Exec Raja Koduri To Spearhead High-End Graphics Group
    40:48 - IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer
    41:39 - Sean Parker unloads on Facebook "exploiting" human weakness
    42:45 - SpaceX Rocket Engine Suffers Failure During Test
    43:51 - Someone "Accidentally" Locked Away $300M Worth of Other People's Ethereum Funds
    45:31 - Paradise Papers: Apple's secret tax bolthole revealed
    48:07 - More expensive, takes longer than usual, not particularly brilliant. Yes, it's your robot surgeon
    49:58 - Ford Pilots a New Exoskeleton to Lessen Worker Fatigue
    51:36 - Human blamed in self-driving shuttle bus collision
    52:43 - Digital Agriculture: Farmers in India are using AI to increase crop yields
    54:46 - This Tree Planting Robot Is Dropping Tree Seedlings All over Canada
    56:09 - Now computers are writing perfectly acceptable pop songs
    57:04 - StarCraft II will be free to play starting November 14
    57:45 - One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week
    59:13 - US government approves 'killer' mosquitoes to fight disease
    1:01:20 - Humans Are Still Better Than AI at StarCraft
    1:02:22 - Amazon wants to turn Lord of the Rings into the next Game of Thrones
    1:03:08 - Star Trek: Discovery will return on January 7th, 2018

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