Level1 News April 17 2018: O Come All Ye Scrapers

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    Level1 News April 17 2018: O Come All Ye Scrapers
    Published on Apr 16, 2018
    Source Links: https://www.one-tab.com/page/A57Qf6GZSiaemntbx12rug

    0:55 - Backpage founders charged with money laundering and aiding prostitution
    4:05 - U.S. judge says Uber drivers are not company's employees
    5:10 - Uber Escapes With No FTC Fines Over 2016 Data Breach It Paid $100,000 to Cover Up
    6:58 - Tesla booted from investigation into fatal Autopilot crash
    8:46 - FCC declines to punish Sinclair for its 'must-run' segments and scripts
    11:11 - In Racine County, neatly maintained homes and dream houses are being designated 'blighted' to make way for Foxconn
    14:03 - China removes four news apps from smartphone stores to tighten control
    15:06 - 'Big Brother' in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances
    19:25 - Trump Proposes Rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership
    22:07 - Trump orders audit of the Postal Service, after suggesting Amazon is to blame for its troubles
    24:11 - D.C. Court: Accessing Public Information is Not a Computer Crime
    25:54 - Google loses 'right to be forgotten' case
    29:22 - Dubai to launch digital vehicle number plates
    30:51 - Facebook employees quitting, switching departments over ethical concerns
    32:18 - As Zuck testifies to Senate, Democrats propose tough opt-in privacy law
    36:33 - Nearly one in 10 Americans have deleted their Facebook accounts, survey says
    37:18 - Facebook Data Abuse Bounty Program
    38:36 - Instagram will let you download your content after criticism about portability
    39:14 - Twitter says it will comply with Honest Ads Act to combat Russia social media meddling
    40:13 - Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again)
    43:23 - Data exfiltrators send info over PCs' power supply cables
    44:46 - New posts on swatting suspect's Twitter during jail breach

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    Level1 News April 18 2018: HomelessCoin: Initial Vagrant Offering?
    Published on Apr 17, 2018
    Source Links: https://www.one-tab.com/page/51qls9tPTUOCmnAN4UDVhA

    0:51 - Apple Sued an Independent iPhone Repair Shop Owner and Lost
    3:53 - Tesla sending flawed parts from suppliers to machine shops for rework
    5:20 - Tesla relied on too many robots to build the Model 3, Elon Musk says
    6:46 - PayPal to roll out banking products for the ‘unbanked’ in the weeks ahead
    9:04 - Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Says 'Open Racism' Isn't Against Site's Rules
    10:52 - Comcast will start bundling Netflix into its cable subscriptions
    12:18 - FTC Says 'Warranty Void If Removed' Stickers Are ********, Warns Manufacturers They're Breaking the Law
    15:04 - World's first electrified road for charging vehicles opens in Sweden
    17:25 - Theranos lays off almost all of its remaining workers
    18:36 - Austin is piloting blockchain to improve homeless services
    21:20 - Cryptocurrency: Bitcoins worth Rs 20 crore stolen from exchange in India's biggest crypto theft
    22:49 - JPMorgan sued over fees for cryptocurrency purchases
    24:31 - This is the new Gmail design
    26:48 - A crummy drop-down menu appeared to kill dozens of mothers in Texas

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    Level1 News April 21 2018: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Bagged
    Published on Apr 20, 2018
    Source Links: https://www.one-tab.com/page/JyRX1uL4Rj2QnVCB-ZuSVA

    0:27 - AMD Unveils Faster, Optimized 2nd Gen Ryzen 7 And Ryzen 5 Zen Processors, Preorders Start Today
    1:11 - Intel Is Developing A Discrete GPU Called Arctic Sound With A Dedicated Gaming Variant
    2:53 - The New iOS Update Killed Touch Functionality on iPhone 8s Repaired With Aftermarket Screens
    4:14 - Japan team maps 'semi-infinite' trove of rare earth elements
    6:19 - Robots Replace Soldiers in First Breaching Exercise of its Kind
    7:35 - Watch artificial intelligence create a 3D model of a person from just a few seconds of video
    9:23 - A wanted man in China has been caught because of facial recognition software
    10:03 - Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of metallic glass
    11:16 - FDA approves AI-powered software to detect diabetic retinopathy
    11:59 - China plans to grow flowers and silkworms on the dark side of the moon
    14:33 - Army researchers conduct first-ever combustion experiment with X-rays
    15:37 - New qubit now works without breaks
    17:47 - Guinness strips Billy 'King of Kong' Mitchell's world records
    19:08 - NASA shoots human sperm into space
    21:44 - Federal department tells researcher his document request will be ready in ... 80 years
    23:22 - PUBG Ransomware Decrypts Your Files If You Play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    24:01 - Hackers stole a casino's database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank
    25:09 - Goldman asks: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'
    28:18 - Amazon pulls child sex dolls after criticism from UK watchdog
    30:04 - Man 'virtually teabagged and team-killed' woman during in-game rampage

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