Letter to engadget highlighting issue in AMD's muxless 6 series GPUs

Discussion in 'HP' started by kurosawa79, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I wrote this to engadget in the hope that they will highlight the issue of crippled AMD 6 series card not running OpenGL. False advertising at it's best. Not sure they'll do anything about it but thought I'd give it a try...can't take too much effort on their part to highlight this issue for us. A simple blog post at best - then im sure the PR departments of AMD and HP will pick this up...IF it gets posted.

    Hi engadget

    We need your help to highlight an issue that many of us are experiencing after purchasing laptops with the new AMD 6 series switchable graphics dGPUs.

    The problem is that these new GPUs that AMD have put out dont accelerate OpenGL applications...at all...and will hand off to the horrible integrated solutions on the laptops instead.

    This means that most Adobe product wont work optimally...nor Minecraft! (of course this is the most important :))

    Worst thing is neither AMD or the laptop manufacturers admit to this problem. So we as end users suffer. My laptop, the DV6T 61xx series from HP is a well priced and powerful i7, AMD 6770m machine. But it's crippled and so many people are buying it under false pretenses. There are similar laptops from Lenovo and Acer that also suffer this problem...in fact, at a guess, any laptop using AMD's new "muxless" 6 series GPU will suffer from this problem.

    We as consumers are not getting the response and we need your help, engadget, to highlight our plight (if not to just prevent more people from buying this high end laptop to realise that it's seriously crippled).

    I've set up an FAQ on this issue on one of the most popular notebook forums around to highlight and educate people considering buying the DV6T or any other muxless 6 series GPU equipped laptop in general.


    PLEASE HELP US FORCE THEIR HAND AND GET THEM INTO ACTION! We've emailed, as a community, everyone at HP and AMD right up to the CEOs and still, no response, no action.

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