Let's have some fun. Post all your previous phones.

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets' started by kojack, Jan 26, 2021.

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    As I am feeling nostalgic let's all list our phone timelines....I will start after I remember which ones I have had.

    Ok, I have racked my brains, and I'm sure there are others.

    First phone was a mobile mounted in the truck that you had to key into a repeater tower and ask the operator to dial for you.
    the rest are as follows.

    • motorola bag phone
    • motorola BIG flip
    • motorola microtac
    • motorola startac 3000
    • motorola startac 6500
    • nokia 252
    • motorola v120
    • motorola v60
    • Sanyo Flip (can't remember the model)
    • motorola RZR
    • motorola KRZR
    • HTC 640 (I think). HTC blackberry style device running windows.
    • blackberry pearl 8130
    • HTC hero (white Telus model)
    • samsung Galaxy 2S
    • Samsung Note 1 SGH-I717
    • iphone 4
    • Samsung Ativ S
    • Nokia 520
    • Nokia 1020 (best phone and overall OS EVER)
    • Iphone 6
    • Iphone 6s
    • Iphone 8
    • Iphone 11
    • Next WON'T be another iPhone. I am done with apple!
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  2. Reciever

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    Some Nokia I cant remember
    HTC One 3D
    Iphone 4
    HTC One m7
    Galaxy Note 4
    LG V20

    Havent decided on my next phone, conflicted over convenience vs privacy these days so it'll either be:

    Pine Phone

    LG v60
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  3. Clamibot

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    Some Sony Ericsson flip phone whose model name I never paid attention to
    Iphone 4

    Yeah, this list isn't very long. I keep my phones forever since I really only need them for 3 things: talking, texting, and taking pictures.

    I only have 2 reasons for having a smartphone. The first is so I can use mobile apps when school or work require me to for some stupid reason (I'd much rather use a laptop or desktop, screw mobile operating systems), and the other is for facetiming my closest buddies. I can also facetime them from my Ranger nowadays, so that second point is moot.
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  4. killkenny1

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    Nokia 3310
    Siemens CX65
    Nokia 6233
    HTC Wildfire
    HTC Wildfire S
    Blackberry Q10
    LG V30
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 12 mini

    You often say that, but you know it won't be true :D
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  5. kojack

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    No, this time it's different. Before the phone itself was giving me issues, and I was going to try something else. Now, the COMPANY is to blame. Their treatment of Prepear shows their petty true colors. I refuse to support a company that tries to take down little small businesses with strongarm tactics for no reason. Apple can suck the grapes if you know that I mean.

    I will never buy another apple product for myself. Besides, iOS is unstable, they keep removing features I would use, and they cannot even get their phone to work correctly with their watch. As soon as I use my apple watch with my iphone 11, all notificatons are muted both audiubly and with haptics. All sounds are ticked on, volume on both maxed but they refuse to vibrate or make a notification sound. Meanwhile my 199 dollar Garmin vivoactive gives me all notifications via haptics no issue! APPLE IS CRAP!
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  6. Vasudev

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    I don't have much phones to list.
    Nokia 1100i
    Nokia Asha 305
    Lumia 535
    Lumia 730
    iPhone 7 (briefly used for 2 days.)
    Samsung Core Prime
    Nokia 8.1
    Pixel 4a.
  7. 6730b

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    Ahh, memories :O)

    Nokia Mobira, never forgotten that great fantastic 1st experience of freedom! & could talk for a whole hour, and only took 8 hours to recharge :O) But very ok to use when in car 12v.
    Nokia 101
    Nokia 2110
    Ericsson 198
    A Philips
    A Siemens
    A Panasonic
    Nokia 5210
    Nokia N5
    Nokia 6110 navigator (was great)
    Nokia N8 (could have been great, but & if. Good cam, hdmi out, good pc interface)
    Samsung J5 15 (heated up and fried inside)
    Motorola C plus (still used as hotspot, superbly sensitive 4g reception + strong wifipower)
    Samsung J5 16 (still alive)
    Samsung J7 17 (in use, solid machine, great battery, great handsfree speaker\mic ..flat display!!)
    Huawei Mate 10 pro (in use, great build \ cam \ display \ network reception \ battery ..flat display!!)
    Samsung Note 10 lite (daily driver, great allrounder ...flat display!!)

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  8. Mr. Fox

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    I have had tons of mobile phones over the years, but they've never been something that I valued to the extent I do computers. So, I haven't paid much attention to model numbers and providing an accurate list would be more or less impossible. It's just not that important to me personally.

    From old bag phones with a corded handset, that you carried in a large canvas bag with a shoulder strap, to flip phones, including the original Motorola Razer that so many people were crazy about, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windoze Phone and a variety of service providers, including TracFone pre-paid... so, more or less just about every type of cellular plan, operating system and a wide variety of hardware. For work, I just used whatever my employer gave me and was thankful they were paying for it. About the last 8 years they were iPhones, so that was pretty useful as a means of validating my contempt for Apple. The money was theirs to waste... better theirs than mine.

    For personal use, mostly whatever came for free or for very little money, from the cellular provider with my plan is what I have owned. My current phone is an LG V30. It is, by far, the most I have ever spent for a phone. I only have it because T-Mobile offered a BOGO deal with a special plan that gave us 2 phones, 2 lines, unlimited everything, for less per month than I could get anywhere else for 1 line of unlimited everything with a crappy free phone. From my perspective, it is better than any other Android or iPhone that I have ever owned, but it is about 4 times more expensive than I would normally accept for something as mundane as talk, text, GPS navigation and very limited web activity.

    I do not enjoy using smartphones and always opt for using a computer when one is available. I only use a smartphone for email and internet access in a pinch, when it is the only option readily available.

    In terms of operating system preference, from most favorite to least liked:
    • Android
    • Windows 8 Phone
    • BlackBerry OS
    • old flip phone generic OSes
    • iPhone iOS
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  9. Raidriar

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    I haven't had very many, as I find phones to be horrendously overpriced for what they do.
    -iPhone 3G
    -iPhone 4S
    -iPhone SE
    -iPhone 8 Plus <- my current device

    I will probably be moving to the second gen iPhone SE as I despise FaceID and the ugly notch. Then again, the 8 Plus is not even close to being tired yet. Apple silicon is amazing. There was a time when I had considered moving to Android when Apple announced they were axing the headphone jack, only for Android phones to do exactly the same thing. And then there's privacy and security concerns about using a free OS on top of all that, and no iMessage. So I will likely be staying iPhone for the foreseeable future.
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  10. kojack

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    I see the apple juice is working on you quite nicely. Apple's OS is no safer than any other OS. Android phones now have just as good security. (stop downloading third party junk apps), better cameras, better battery life, expandable storage and are way more affordable. I am using the iPhone 11 now because of imessage but my new phone will NOT be of the fruit persuasion. Apple has nothing Android phones do not offer now, most times its less, and for more money.
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