Lenovo Legion Y740 or Nvidia Studio Laptops?

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    Hi there!

    im a young architect who likes to game from time to time, and im looking to upgrade my 5 years old MSI GS60-2PC (i7-4700HQ, GTX860M) with a budget of 1500-1700€ in Germany.

    I will use it for casual gaming (Total War Three Kingdoms, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Cities Skylines, Planet Coaster, Fifa 19...) -right now with low settings but would like to try high/ultra for 2-3 years at least - and for personal architecture projects which involves 2D/3D modelling + renderings (Autocad, Photoshop, Rhino, 3DS Max + Vray, Revit) and some video editing with Premiere.

    Expectations: i7-8750H/9750H, RTX2060-2070Max-Q, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD, +3h battery for movies (not gaming),and a nice cooling system. If possible 17" in compact size body and <2.5-2.8kg

    Im almost sold to the Lenovo Legion Y740-17 with the above requeriments (i7-8750H) for 1550€ (RTX2060) or 1750€ (RTX2070 Max-Q) in sale right now (as the i7-9750H is going to be released next week).

    I know the RTX2060 has a better price/performance ratio, but in the case of this laptop and thanks to the very good cooling system, i read that the RTX2070 Max-Q performs pretty well..

    Anyhow im still doubting because of the long delivery time (4 weeks for RTX2070 Max-Q or 3 days for RTX2060), some old and moreless fixed screen bleeding issues, and because I feel that the new RTXs are not a really improve to the previous generation (but a really high one compared to my old GTX860M).

    Now Nvidia has launched his "Nvidia Studio Laptops" for working but with RTXs suited for gaiming too...is this just marketing? the only plus I saw is that all their screen offer high color fidelity of 100%sRGB / Pantone, useful but in a 4K 15,6" screen that I dont really need - is 4K useful at that size?

    Some of the new Nvidia Studio Laptops are:

    Acer ConceptD 7 - nice design, up to RTX2080Max-Q, temperatures not known, but not needed 4K display and expensive (from 2230€)

    Aero 15 XA
    (or Oled XA) - nice specs, awesome Oled screen or FHD (240Hz useful?), bad temperatures + noisy, expensive? (2000-2300€?) https://www.notebookcheck.net/Gigab...0H-RTX-2070-Max-Q-Laptop-Review.420747.0.html

    Aero 17 - optional FHD 144Hz, compact size, temperatures+price unknown (june-july)

    ASUS StudioBook S W700G3T or W500 - just Quadro (nice for work but bad for gaming)

    MSI WS65 / WS75 / WE75 - just Quadro (same)

    MSI P65 Creator - 15,6" FHD or UHD IPS 100 % sRGB, RTX2060 or RTX2070 Max-Q, expensive (RTX2060 2400€ or RTX2070 Max-Q 2900€)

    MSI P75 Creator - 17" FHD IPS 100 % sRGB, RTX2060 or RTX2070 Max-Q, compact size, expensive (RTX2060 2100€ or RTX2070 Max-Q 2900€)

    Other models:

    Razer blade - too expensive
    XMG Neo 17 / TongFang GK7CP7S / Mech 15 / Recoil III - dont like the mechanical keyboard (I tried)..
    MSI GE65 Raider - good specs, Wifi 6, expensive (from 2200€)

    So all the models are normally by a far distance of +500€ more expensive than the Lenovo Legion Y740...are they worth it in comparison? they do offer a better screen with 100% sRGB, while the Legion offers 90% sRGB and 60% AdobeRGB...and the new i7-9750H, but i think that the difference is too high

    So after the long analysis just 3 questions:

    - Will the +2GB VRAM of the RTX2070 Max-Q help in the future 3-5 years while playing next-gen games or for 3D Modelling? so in this particular case of the Lenovo Legion Y740, would you choose the RTX2070 Max-Q or RTX2060?

    - When is it expected the new Intel 10mm CPU to be released? still 2019? could the wait worth it?

    - Are any of those models worth the price difference for some reasonable reason? for example the Aero 15 XA (but with bad temps + noisy..)?

    Many thanks for your help! :)
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