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    Those are some nice temps you got there. I dont think you can get all cores to match each others temps. I get more variance between the cores than you do (although I have ran aida64 differently, with whole system under stress so temps get closer to 85-90c anyways, and its with a 8th gen and a 2070MQ). I think it isnt just Lenovos fault for having an uneven heatsink, I mean that I think even the die itself is a bit uneven. So its close to impossible to get perfect, flat contact. But If you get temps around 60 with cpu only stress test and in game 70-75c max, thats awesome!

    Do you think that removing the mesh fabric is worth it? I mean removing it means more dust build up right? And what thermal compound did you try before the nanogrease? I have thermal grizzly kryonaut applied now with the thinner thermal pads, and I think the thermalpads did the most for temps.
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    What is your window power plan setting and your thermal mode?
    I use Speedshift value 128 and mine is stuck on 3Ghz clock speed when gaming
    If I use 0-64 speedshift value, cpu clock can reach 4ghz but the temp is very high (90+ degrees C)
    And i see you still using old BIOS version? Do you still have the BIOS file?
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    Guide for best temps of your Laptop. For sure if you do, you may get better temps than me!

    @ everyone who will seriously concerned about his laptop and not about his warranty,

    This is a freaking awesome laptop.It just need few tweaks and you are set to enjoy it!!!
    Lenovo, Lenovo employees and associated partners, too bad does not care for after sales customization and/or improvements for this amazing laptop. A walk over Lenovo Forums ,their systematic policy to not answer almost any of the threads and topics in there ,even if the thread have almost 20 pages of users requests is enough to understand your position to the freaking world we live in...

    In my humble opinion, if you like to improve temps, as i have read this forum pages from page 1 to page 175 almost, almost 20 times seriously.

    No.1. Get rid, remove and take off the mesh of the back cover,leave the grill area of its own.

    [​IMG] https://imgur.com/fJfXptY
    Its an easy task. Take off the screws of the back cover and turn it upside down.
    Remove with a screw driver those tiny black plastic dots that keep the mesh to the plastic chassis area of the back cover.
    Be careful though,do not touch or dismantle the plastic dots that keep the plastic chassis to the aluminium chassis.
    Remember after all ,all you need is to remove the mesh,not to dismantle the two parts,plastic and aluminium chassis should be hold together.

    This will give you almost minus 5 - 10 degrees, better cooling of vrms, heat sink thermal distribution and almost on everything inside the laptop.

    Change the thermal pads of the stock heat sink. AND Also get rid of this thermal tape all over the pipes of the Gpu.

    First of all, the thermal pads W/MK ratio of the stock heat sink is unknown.
    But be aware.
    You NEED to replace with a quality ones, to degrade them(meaning you have to change the thickness other than the stock thermal pads), and also to be sticky little a bit like chewing gum,in order the unbalanced wrapped heat sink to sit tight-fully in place.

    I will explain.
    Change the thermal pads according to this photo.


    Mostly you will need 0.5 mm thermal pads, and less 1 mm thermal pads, 1,5 mm and 2,0 mm.

    Artcic Thermal pads are 6.0 w/mk the 0,5 mm is sticky enough, the 1,0 mm,1,5 mm and 2,0 mm are not so sticky, they are hard and you will need to push them down upon application.

    Grizly minus 8 thermal pads are great and sticky enough no matter the thikness. They are also come with 8w/mk

    Gelid thermal pads 12w/mk are the best so far, i am also waiting to be delivered to me a good amount of different thickness but I've managed to test them and temps were even better than these on my videos by an amount of 2 to 3 degrees of Celsius.

    No.3. Change the stock thermal paste with a thermal paste of high viscosity grade , (grade the bigger the better and thicker) important: same paste both on cpu and gpu.Means that you need a thermal paste that is - THICK- hard enough to be split when the heatsink tightened/fastened upon cpu and gpu due to the eneven heatsink we have in all lenovo Y740 masterpieces.

    High viscosity thermal pastes are:

    Mastegel maker nano with a viscosity grade 4( i used this thermal paste but i get better temps with phobya nano grease extreme,something in the formula of phobya paste works better).

    Phobya nano grease extreme with a viscosity grade 4(currently used and the best so far imho).

    Gelid Solutions gc extreme with a viscosity grade 6 ( i have ordered and waiting to receive and test, reports are promising better temps with this one).

    Prolimatech PK-3 (some users on this forum reported that does the trick on their Y740, i havent tested)

    The king among them no 2, should be Arctic Silver 5 with a viscosity grade of 6, it holds the power of silver in it, but i dont trust that they changed the formula and so maybe so is electrical conductive.

    The king among them no 1, should be Liquid metal, but with my current temps,and also your temps after these modifications, i do not see any obvious reason to do it. :p

    Bad temps results with pastes i have used.
    - Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, NO , NO and once again Hell No.
    This paste is not thick enough for our Legion Y740, it can not handle the unbalanced heatsink and also to be noted that will dry up very soon due to its restriction up to 80/85 degrees celcius.Its an AAA+ paste but not in our Legion Y740s.

    - Mx-4,same as Kryonaut but i got the worst temps with Mx-4,it splitted all over the cpu and gpu, temps were so bad that almost touched throttling issues.Great paste not for Y740.

    No.4 Pick the Best Bios for your Legion Y740.

    The best bios so far after endless and i mean endless tests and benchmarks is the Bios with Max Fan Control.

    You simply hit Fn+Q and you are set.No more Performance ,Balanced and Quite Mode.
    You have the max fans whenever you need them and again whenever you dont need them you disable them.

    For me, owner of Lenovo Y740 15IRHg is Bios 1.03. bvcn07ww .

    You have to find which is your bios based on your model the bios with max fan control.
    Due to different models with different cpus its not the same. but i will discuss how you downgrade your bios.

    When you power up your laptop hit F2 multiple times and enter Bios. Find somewhere there and enable to downgrade your bios.
    Lets say that you are on bios 1.06/1.09/1.10 when you enable this feature you are able to downgrade and setup your desirable bios - bios 1.03.

    For me it was a little bit trickier, as when i installed the bios 1.03 from 1.05 ,1.06,1.09 and 1.10 immediately after i log on to my windows , windows system services prompted me a bios update will be applied upon windows restart.

    Systems services check your system and most probably will find a proposed bios for you so every time you downgrade your bios, upon log in to windows you will be forced after windows restart to come back to a later bios.

    Solution for this is in the image posted. Do it and get rid of forced bios update after reboot.

    No.5 - Epic HOT LESS Keyboard - but it raises the Cpu and Gpu Temps ( Still Testing atm,so keep results in doubt)

    Lenovo just did it right to this area of effect, but failed to so many other areas and so you noticed no effect at all .

    Keyboard comes hot after play sessions at about 40 to 50 degrees depends on the game.
    Correct? Well, NO...

    If you flip the laptop upside down you will see that the back cover on top of the mesh have some kind of soft black cloth in the main area and is open only to the fans.

    Well this is the desirable distribution of the heat from the main Cpu and Gpu Area.
    The fans suck hot air form the middle of the area with cold air directly beneath them upon spinning.
    The hot air from cpu and gpu heat sink middle area exhausted upon immediately and only fresh cold air goes and hits the keyboard.

    All you have to do is a trick when you remove the heat sink black tape covering the gpu and of-course the mesh.
    You can do it and see if this works to your laptop.
    With this trick outside of the grill area or even a mod inside will reduce your keyboard temps about 10 degrees even after 3 hours of massive game play:D


    Now just buy a black tape and put it inside the back cover,in order your precious laptop to be shiny and sexy !

    Hope you like the post.It solves so many issues.

    Sorry for my bad English type,i am not a native speaker, though i believe you can understand most of them.

    Sorry but the post, must be so big....

    Kudos me if you like, but truly give your laptop the best temps that deserve!!!

    I love mine and most probably i love yours too, and so we must handle to it with care!
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    Follow up video with full Aida 64 stress test.

    I did take all the laptop apart and covered up the top part of motherboard with 0.5 mm Gelid extreme pads on the cpu and gpu area.
    My keyboard is not so hot any more. After two hours of intense gaming COD WZ, max temps on top of the keyboard F4-F5,R-O,C-M row max temps 42 degress.

    Aida 64 Max temps 10 minutes stress test.


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