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Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by pressing, Aug 20, 2019.

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    So I had a minor water incident yesterday near power cord entry on 9550 FHD; just a few drops on the case. I disassembled laptop completely, removing motherboard and audio board, inspected with a loop and found no issues. Gave a quick clean with 99+% alcohol, cleaned fans, repasted, and buttoned up. Runs perfectly.

    However, there are some very light artifacts near top left of screen I didn't notice before.

    - There is a rectangular blotch which is approximately 4cm x 6cm in size.

    - The rectangle is tilted about 45 degrees.

    - The top and left sides intersect and are the most defined. The left and right sides are not so well defined and fade off. The centre blotching is not consistent.

    - Only visible when looking at screen from an angle (not visible at normal position).

    - Most visible with white background like a MS Word file. Less visible with red, green, blue, black screens. Frankly not noticible with movies.

    Could this be the LCD cable (poor connection to motherboard or pinched cable at tight fanguides)? Water damage from cleaning screen? Water damage elsewhere? Physical damage? Other ideas?
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    Try connecting your laptop to an external display to see if you still get the artifacting.

    If the artifacts still appear on the montior, it will be an issue with your motherboard, otherwise it is the screen

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