Latitude E7440 IPS vs AVHS screen

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    Today I received another E7440 with a FHD display made by LG, the LP140WF1-SPB1 ( Display_14.0_LCM_overview_20494.html) that has a slightly glossy surface and produces different colours. Different to my previous E7440 "IPS" panel and also to my other panels here (an E5450, E7240, Dell U2415, all IPS). So upon closer inspection I realized that the display on my earlier E7440 - an AUO B140HAN01.3 - is AVHA only, not IPS.

    The difference between these two displays is that the AUO (AVHA) produces a better red tone, but the overall brightness is much better on the LG (IPS). It may be related to the anti-glare coating by AUO which John Ratsey mentioned here which keeps the screen a bit darkened/greyish. I experienced the same with a third E7440 that also came with the default FHD AUO display. Very nice and deep colours, but an overall greyish screen when compared to retrofited IPS screens from LG.

    So for those of you trying to retrofit a FHD-IPS for the E7440 and similar laptops, I'd recommend the LG one (albeit it is a bit glossy).

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