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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Drew1, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Hey all. Im outside the US at the moment and like to get a laptop to stream online, watch videos and web browse. Can someone tell me if this laptop would be pretty decent? The processor is a celeron. Note the price of these are in pesos. I notice the difference between the first and second one is the first is 2.4ghz whereas the second laptop is 1.6mhz. yes its in spanish and im using google translate to look at the specs. Is there anything else you guys notice that is different besides this? Also this laptop you could change the language from spanish to english in settings right? I asked the seller this and they kept saying its in spanish. But i said could i change language to spanish and then they said yes you can choose the language. But of course im not sure 100 percent. Basically in terms of usd money, the laptop will cost around 280-350 dollars if you look at these prices. So i wanted something cheap to stream online etc. Is there any big difference between the first and second one with the 2.4ghz vs 1600mhz? There are other laptops i found on this site but the issue is most are much more expensive and these seem to have good reviews. Of course there are ones that are cheaper but those are 2gb ram or used etc.



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