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Laptop to Run Multiple Programs at Once

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by EvaEntertainer, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. EvaEntertainer

    EvaEntertainer Newbie

    Dec 21, 2009
    I'm just looking for a relatively standard laptop. I'd like a built-in webcam (mic would also be nice). According to what I've researched online, I don't want a single-core processor because I need something faster.

    General Questions

    1) What is your budget?
    I'm looking in between ~$500 to ~$1200.
    I don't really have an set price range. This is because my mother recently said she'd pay for half, so I've upped what I was looking at.

    2) What size notebook would you prefer?
    Prefer being the key word in this. I would bend any direction. Currently my laptop is 15 inches, I believe. So I was hoping to stay in that range.
    c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen
    d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen

    3) Where will you buying this notebook? You can select the flag of your country as an indicator.
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Might do it online. Depends on the boxing day sales ;)

    4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?

    a. Like: Basically open to anything. Haven't used anything but Dell before.
    b. Dislike: Mac (too pricey), Dell (no real reason)

    5) Would you consider laptops that are refurbished/redistributed?
    Don't care if it was redistributed, but not refurbished.

    6) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?
    I'm looking for something where I can have Firefox, Microsoft Word (newest version), and Windows Media Player running at once without freezing...Unlike my current laptop. :)

    7) Will you be taking the notebook with you to different places, leaving it on your desk or both?
    Well, the main purpose for the new computer is for college next year. So I suppose I'd be taking it to class, then back to my dorm.

    8) Will you be playing games on it; if so, which games or types of games?
    Lol, maybe some online games like what's on Shockwave's site. Nothing serious though.

    9) How many hours of battery life do you need?
    Atleast 3. Preferably more.

    10) Would you prefer to see the notebooks you're considering before purchasing it or buying a notebook on-line without seeing it is OK?
    If it has great specs and I've researched it thoroughly, I don't mind not touching it before buying.

    11) What OS do you prefer? Windows (XP or Vista), Mac OS, Linux, etc.
    Windows 7.

    Screen Specifics

    12) From the choices below, what screen resolutions would you prefer?
    I answered this based on the descriptions. I don't really know much about this. Basically, I like having multiple documents open beside each other because of how I use MS Word when working on school projects.

    c. WSXGA+ – 1680x1050; The middle ground. Again, text and icons are smaller than WXGA+, and more stuff fits onto the screen. Good for having applications open side by side, like a web browser while playing a video.

    13) Do you want a glossy/reflective screen or a matte/non-glossy screen?
    Don't really care. Minor details in terms of what I'm looking at.

    Build Quality and Design

    14) Are the notebook's looks and stylishness important to you?
    Not really, no.

    15) When are you buying this laptop and how long do you want this laptop to last?
    I'm hopefully buying it in the next month or so. Preferably around boxing day.
    Looking for it to last...Not really sure...Never considered this. Suppose atleast the two years my college program will take, plus the remainder of this year. So about three years?

    Notebook Components

    16) How much hard drive space do you need; 80GB to 500GB? Do you want a SSD drive?
    Since I don't know what an SSD drive is, I'll go with 'no' on this one. ;)
    And I'm looking for a standard amount. I like to save a lot of pictures, music and word doc's on my computer.

    17) Do you need an optical drive? If yes, a CDRW/DVD-ROM, DVD Burner or Blu-Ray drive?
    Yes, I'd like at least a CD drive. Best hopes would be to get a CD Burner too so that I can put stuff on CDs that just won't fit on my USB stick. Makes backing up easier too.
  2. Partizan

    Partizan Notebook Deity

    Jan 3, 2009
    If you want to do multiple tasks you should get a laptop which has a 64 bit version of windows so you can use more than 3 gigs of ram. Core i7 should be the cpu your looking for to do a lot of simultaneous work.
  3. EvaEntertainer

    EvaEntertainer Newbie

    Dec 21, 2009
    Oh! I forgot to include a list of the laptops I was looking at. If any one would like to check them out and tell me which one is best, or if you can suggest something better.

    Toshiba 14" Laptop featuring Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6600 (M500-00N)

    Acer AS5738-6745 15.6” Notebook

    Dell Studio 1555 (4285MBU)

    Acer Aspire 5920G

    Sony Vaio VGN-NW270F/S

    Toshiba Satellite E105-S1802

    Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T

    HP Pavilion 15.6" Laptop featuring Intel Pentium T4300 (DV6-1338CA)

    And Student@Antwerp2009, thanks. I don't really understand any of what you wrote, to be honest though! I checked out the Acer Aspire 5920G online, but a lot of reviews were saying that it runs really hot, which worries me as I often have my current laptop on my lap. It's definitely on my list though :)
  4. ahl395

    ahl395 Ahlball

    Jul 15, 2007
    I recommend the HP dv4t and dv6t (but a dv6t with a better CPU than the one you linked to) ;)

    As well as the Thinkpad T400 and T500. :)

    Another choice would be the Dell Studio 15. :cool:
  5. Patrick Lumpiest

    Patrick Lumpiest Notebook Enthusiast

    Dec 18, 2009
    In my opinion, the Toshiba's good. But I can't say anything beyond that as I'm also looking for a laptop. Oh, and a word of advice: NEVER keep a laptop on your lap. I know they're laptops, but seriously, don't do it.

    There was some research a while back that pointed out keeping a laptop on your lap is detrimental to health, in particular due to the heat they produce. Here's an article: lap research&hl=en&client=firefox-a&strip=1
  6. SkeeteRX8

    SkeeteRX8 Notebook Deity

    Oct 10, 2007
    I agree with the 3+ GB of RAM and a 64-bit OS... but any non-nerfed Core 2 Duo can handle WMP, Firefox, and Office 2007 simultaneously at once. He doesn't need to waste money on a Core i7 for basic tasks.

    Haha ahl, you read my mind. I second all his suggestions.
  7. cn_habs

    cn_habs Notebook Deity

    Jul 21, 2008
    As mentioned above, the T400 and T500 would be my recommendations. It sucks that you can only see them in person in downtown TO.
  8. mythos1453

    mythos1453 Notebook Consultant

    Sep 28, 2009
    that study is outdated and inaccurate as far as I'm concerned. They say it reduces the synthesis of healthy sperm by 40% which is a huge thing. What's shady about this is that they don't tell you the temperatures they used for this measurements. Like seriously WHO the @@@ keeps a burning laptop on his balls? If you do, then we should thank mother nature for trying to stop you reproducing...lol
  9. tilleroftheearth

    tilleroftheearth Wisdom listens quietly...

    Aug 27, 2009
    At the lower end of the scale, you may consider the Acer Timeline 1810tz for its exemplary battery life (almost 10 hrs).
  10. SkeeteRX8

    SkeeteRX8 Notebook Deity

    Oct 10, 2007
    The T500 offers WSXGA+, and the T400 offers WXGA+ ...both give decent amounts of room relative to their respective screen sizes.
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