Laptop freezing randomly - HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb094tx

Discussion in 'HP' started by jimmyrazor, Oct 14, 2018.

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    For the last 10 days, my laptop has been randomly freezing and becomes completely unusable. I have to force shut down it and after starting it up again, it again freezes after a certain time. The interval is random though. The problem first started with my laptop's keyboard and touchpad becoming completely inoperable for some reason. I researched online and found a solution that I needed to update my BIOS. And so I did and the keyboard and touchpad started working again. But after a day, the laptop started freezing completely and no peripherals worked at all with the laptop, it became completely inoperable. Initially before the BIOS update, I was able to use external peripherals like a USB mouse but this time, everything was frozen. Before the BIOS update, when the keyboard and mousepad weren't working, they remained inoperable after restarts too but after the BIOS update, the computer regained its functionality after the restart but soon started freezing again.Minecraft Pocket Edition Counter-Strike Google Play Services

    I installed Windows 10 from scratch in hopes to stop the freezing but even that didn't help.

    I further researched online regarding my current problem and saw a probable solution of disabling the Intel Managemnet Engine Interface in Device Manager. But that also didn't do the trick. I decided to run the full extensive test in the System Diagnostics and it showed an error.

    2018-10-09 16:36:05 Hard Drive [lDST] Failed PPPL7H-90898S-MFPURG-61DV03

    System Extensive Test

    Battery Check : Primary - OK (0)
    Primary: Logic State - OK (0), Charge State - Not Available
    Processor Check : PASSED
    Wireless Module Check :. PASSED
    Hard Drive SMART Check : PASSED
    Hard Drive Short DST Check : PASSED
    Hard Drive Optimized DST Check : PASSED
    Hard Drive Long DST Check : FAILED

    Hard Drive I - Secondary HDD Bay'

    I get this error and I don't know how to fix it. I need a solution to this asap because I have a presentation due this week.

    Thank you.
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    Hard drive is failing and about to fail. Need to replace it. Copy over anything on it. Best bet is to clone it using HDD cloning software or even the one built into Windows.

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