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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Mithrand, Sep 22, 2020.

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    I choose a working laptop for travel (the best at most around 800 euros). After a long decision, discussion on reddit and consideration, I came to these two models. Both have a low 250 nits brightness, but this is common in such cheap models for such cheap models.

    HP Probook 445 G7 with R5, 8 GB RAM (it's a pity that the R7 version in my country have only 15 "455 models) - 643 eur

    ThinkPad E14 with R7, 16 GB RAM - 841 eur

    At the moment I don't know how to decide and which one to take. For HP, I like its easy to "upgradable" any part. It is also massive, the cooling excellent, the flashlight sufficient.

    The E14, on the other hand, has soldered RAM, a stronger CPU, the same battery life, and is the lowest model in the ThinkPad series. However, it costs a bit more and I'm not sure if it's worth investing in this laptop compared to the Probook. I will need to buy 8 GB of RAM for HP.

    I wonder what your experience is with these laptop models? Which one is the better "holder"? What model is worth buying? Which one would you go to? Advice / tips / experiences?

    Or could you recommend me the best laptop for this price (best price/performance)?

    Thank you for the discussion.
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    Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada. You might might want to poke around the manufacturer forums to see what their owners to have to say about them. That's likely your best option for low down about those specific models. The best way to to elicit help here is to give as much information about your needs and/or wants as one reasonably can. Other than saying you wanted a better R7 GPU, you were a bit stingy with the details, which makes it hard to help. You may want to consider the FAQ stuck at the top of this forum and post back. That would help us flesh things out. Good Luck.
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