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    Hi there. I am looking for a laptop with a 15+ touchscreen that can fluidly handle photo and video editing. I am a photographer and will be loading many photos from a Canon Rebel onto the laptop and editing with photoshop, also viewing HD video. It is very, very important to me that the screen is top-notch, high-resolution, vivid colors.

    You can disregard price in your suggestion...however, if you could also give a suggestion for a laptop that meets these parameters as best as possible around $1000, that would also be great, since that is probably more realistically my budget.

    Also, what are your thoughts on getting a PC vs an Apple? Never had an Apple before.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Is touchscreen a dealbreaker? You'll have far more options if you drop that requirement, and they'll generally cost less.

    I would suggest the 15" HP Envy Spectre XT as a starting-point for your shopping. It's a great machine if you can disregard that it's way overpriced and needs a RAM upgrade and SSD. The other problem is that it's disappeared from HP's site and is out of stock at Amazon so its future availability is in question.
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    How about a compromise to maybe a Lenovo ThinkPad W530 - built in color correction and color calibration, and you can get a wacom digitizer built in. You are looking at $1500-$2000+ for that option though, but you want a high quality color accurate screen behind a sheet of finger-smudged glass, both a rare and very expensive combo.

    If you can drop the touch screen completely (i.e. no Wacom either), you can be set up with a very powerful ThinkPad W530 with a matte 1080p screen with >95% color reproduction and active color correction.

    The site isn't (for some reason or another) allowing selection of the color sensor, but if you call them you can get it. And they also come standard with nvidia quadro K1000M graphics, upgradable to a K2000M for beastly power (+$250).

    Anyway, hope this helps! As far as touch screen machines go, I do not know of any that would fit your bill in a laptop, they are either ultrabook/tablet type machines with low horsepower and 75%~ color gamut IPS displays or big fat weak machines that are trying to capitalize on the touchscreen novelty factor. I hope I am wrong and something perfect is out there for you, but check out the rest of the ThinkPad line (the T530 series is another fantastic option, coming in around $1200-1300 with an i7-3620QM, nVidia NVS5400m, 1080p screen, and gobs of reliability).

    I would recommend against a mac unless you legitimately do not have any form of limit on how much you spend. You can get one hell of a powerful $1500 laptop for about $2500 with a mac logo... Als just because I like pointing out apple's many, MANY flaws, here is an article that will hopefully save you some money - an Apple "retina" IPS panel color calibrates worse than a basic TN panel, when IPS should blow a TN out of the water: Apple Retina IPS vs ASUS FHD TN LED - Color Calibration Results and Comparison
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    first I have to advise against a Mac ( even as a photo & video editor, and Mac user ) as Adobe CS now works better in Windows 7 & 8 better than OSX. and their screens are abysmal for color work IMO.

    I dont think in your situation a touch screen is gfoing to be any advantage once so ever, its not precise enough to edit or manage alot of files. a good mouse or digitizer becomes a necessity.

    for absolute top notch screens barring cost is the Elitebook 8770W, and 8570w with the Dreamcolor 2 IPS screen upgrades, as well as the Dell Precision m6700 with the Premiercolor IPS screen upgrade. 10 bit per primary color, full aRGB gamut, and makes even the renowned Dell u2711 IPS external screen look pretty bad. ( really makes My Apple Cinema displays look inaccurate )

    after those you have the Lenovo thinkpad W530 and T530 as well as Sager/Clevo gaming units with the upgraded 95% NTSC TN screens. the Sony Viao Z ( all calibrate to about 88-90% NTSC

    also do note what software you want to edit in as your GPU can become a large factor as well. if you plan to work heavily in CS6 Applications ( except Premier ) many nvidia Gforce 600 series GPU's can actually be a detriment due to theyre abysmal OpenCL performance. ( Premier also supports CUDA ... for now ).

    also depending on how heavy of video editing you plan to do a laptop that can handle multiple hard drives and atleast 24GB of RAM can be a monumental asset.
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