Killer Wireless-AC 1550 Review

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    indeed! placing my machine with the 7265 directly next to the router gives me max. 450 Mbps throughput, thats a bit "lame" hahaha. and judging from reviews on notebookcheck both the 9260 amd 1550 would give around 600-700 Mbps, still not enough!

    i know i know, first world problems... haha

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    In my tests with the 9260ac with the RAX80, bypassing the Ethernet limit by the use of a USB3.0 Samsung T5 SSD I git a steady 140 MB/s (1,120 Mbps) read rate that’s one floor below the router. The 1550 should be no different considering it’s the same exact card with the same drivers coming from Intel for both, if anything Intel uses the 1550 users to beta test newer driver revisions before appearing on Intel’s site.

    If 2.5 Gbs Ethernet becomes more common on routers it would be nice. Down side to HT160 is greater chance for interference and reduced range so a 3 stream BCM 43602 Broadcom card is probably best such as the rebranded model known as the Dell 1830A, for 800-900 Mbps speeds on HT80.

    I personally would not buy a first gen AX router as firstly we’d be guinea pigs as firmware takes a few months to be stabilized. Secondly current AX units are draft routers missing WPA3 and uplink MU-MiMO, best to wait for final revision AX/WiFi 6 routers coming later this year.
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