Keyboard Not Workin HP Stream 14

Discussion in 'HP' started by giocondrix, Jun 15, 2017.

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    The link above is the one of my HP laptop (14-ax020nr), it was fine during the last 6 months, and suddenly the keyboard stoped working, it started with a few keys, but now i can't even type my password, i had to use the on-screen keyboard to use it. Unfortunately i am away from home to test a usb keyboard, I'll do it on the weekend when i get home, but for the moment i have already tried the unistalling the driver option, and rebooting the machine, I have alse tested it in the pc BIOS and it doesn't work either.
    So my two questions are:
    1. Could this have a software fix?
    2. If the above is not possible, would this part be compatible??

    I've found this other part:
    This seems to be the exact replacement, but is more expensive than the other part... i'm on a bit tight budget at the time...

    Thanks for your help
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