K73 CPU upgrade (success with 2760QM)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by bridger, Dec 19, 2017.

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    Reporting a successful CPU upgrade to an i7 2760QM, with a caveat -- the CPU isn't reaching full turbo speed of 3.5GHz -- it only reaches 3.2 GHz. But temps are great, and performance is very smooth with Windows 7 & with Sketchup 2018. Not quite as buttery as my desktop, but pretty good. Although I should say it was almost this good with the original 2310M CPU.

    I got a used K73E-A1, with the i3 2310M. This is the laptop model without a discrete GPU -- just the HD3000 graphics on the CPU. Then I ordered a used i7 2760QM for $60 off eBay, from wastecom (not a 2670QM, although I'm pretty sure that would work too). The dissassembly was pretty easy. I cleaned the new CPU & the heatsink with denatured alcohol & a coffee filter, squeezed out a thin line of thermal paste, & re-assembled. Voila. Max temp during 10 IntelBurnTests was 87c (TJmax is 100). I suspect it won't reach full turbo speeds because of an Asus BIOS limitation, but I will keep experimenting.

    My next trick is to replace the motherboard with a mobo from the K73SM, which has Nvidia 630M GPU.

    6GB RAM
    BIOS 208
    Win 7 Pro
    SSD + HDD

    for proof, search "userbenchmark k73e" & look at recent benchmarks
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    how about core temp?

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