Is my repaste OK?

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by Kilador, Aug 5, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    My cpu was overheating (Msi Ge75 raider with i7 8750h) when playing games.

    I did a repaste with Kryonaut and I'm not getting any difference in temperatures. Still reaching 95c on CPU after just a few minutes of BF V.

    I also have -150mV on core/cache and max turbo set to 3.8 on my intel i7 8750h

    What can have gone wrong?

    Here's a picture of my repaste before putting the cooler back on (used K5Pro on VRMs, had similar paste before). I did a prior test placing the heatsink and both GPU/CPU dies are well covered with the paste.

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    You may draw crosses, lines or pentagrams with the paste but if there is a poor contact between the heatsink plate and CPU surface - this is irrelevant. Test it first, there is a pressure sensitive film available for that.

    Oh, and Kryonaut is the worst paste you can use if you have poor contact or not enough mounting pressure. Use more thicker paste like Gelid GC Extreme and such.
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    I've found Gelid GC Extreme to be just as runny (if not more) than Kryonaut. I don't use either if I have a bad fit.

    If you have pairing issues or want something meaningfully thicker, use nanogrease or IC24 (if you're fine with fine scratches).

    I personally prefer nanogrease.

    If I have a good fit, I prefer Gelid.

    If I have a great fit after lapping and paper test, I prefer conductonaut (and all precautions in place).

    A quick and easy test is to go ahead and mount as is (X and line) and run it for a bit and see what kind of pattern you get, but as mentioned above, the ultimate test is to use the color changing film to see your exact fit.
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    In short, kryonaut like all paste suffers from being to runny and watery after its applied. Unless its a near perfect fit, or go to liquid metal, here is what you can do. Make it thicker like ICD by using whats at the side of the die when it bleeds off after about a week long run from a repaste with it. You will notice the side run off paste is dryer, and less watery then when you originally but it on, and thats good because that means it is thicker, but has the same thermal properties which really cannot be beaten unless you go to LM. Whip off the remaining watery paste and respread that "used paste" on the sides and it will work far better. There is no point in doing any sort of "line/x/pea" method unless your very lazy, so just spread it out evenly from either a spreader or direct from the tip, and make sure every part of the die is covered. This method works extremely well and with kryonaut, its near comparable to LM in performance about as much as it can get. I am not certain either but looking at the picture it appears 2 power blockers are not cooled by the ram, so is that design or intentional? If the pads or paste on the vrms and memory isnt cooling enough, that will contribute alot to die temps.
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    Hey i have used same paste and have same problem with BFV. Did you solved it?

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