Is MSI GT75 with RTX 2070 perfect for my work gaming rig needs? Or Better alternative?

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by ProGamer, Feb 10, 2019.

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    First I'm not a Pro Gamer, not sure why I choose that username in 2012. But I do game and want a gaming laptop for work.

    I was looking at getting a notebook that will stay at my job and that does not need to be carried around. I did consider getting a desktop or a small form factor PC, but I don't think that will look good at my job as I am basically a glorified janitor (they call us building engineers but since I have to plunge and fix toilets I'm really just a janitor) in a high rise building in Manhattan and have many hours sitting around during my night and weekend shifts waiting for issues to arise which never do so I have nothing to do.

    I can't leave a desktop computer setup on the table after my shift and don't think its a good idea others see me setting up a desktop computer each shift to game on. Gaming a laptop at work is one thing, but setting up a desktop to game on is another thing.

    From looking at all the available notebooks I like this one the best. The MSI GT75 gaming laptop. For $2499 it isn't crazily expensive, like the GT83 at $5K+.

    here is the configuration I like for $2499.

    Here is what I like about it:

    Mechanical keyboard, I just hate most notebook keyboards with a passion. I want a keyboard I can actually type on and this one looks very good. Why deal with chiclet keyboards when you can have one you can actually type on. I also do a lot of forum and internet typing and prefer a good keyboard.

    17.3" Full HD (1920x1080),144 Hz, 3ms, IPS-level gaming display. I can't stand 60hz displays, and this has a 144hz, 3ms display. Probably not as good as the 240hz desktop TN display I use but should be decent. Since I like higher FPS for gaming, I prefer the 1080 over a 4k screen.

    Large 17.3" display, the larger the better as I won't be carrying this around.

    10lbs, the heavier the better because this will probably allow for better cooling. Since I don't need to carry it the larger and heavier the better in my opinion. I have read where most notebooks overheat because they are so light and thin, 10 lbs should have plenty of good cooling built in.

    Here is what I'm concerned about:

    Is the 2070 RTX enough or should I consider paying $3399 for the 2080RTX model? This will cost a whopping $900 dollars for the 2080 over the 2070 rtx.

    The screen is an IPS 144hz 3ms screen. I am worried the IPS will have ghosting. Will I be OK with IPS or should I highly consider a TN panel?

    So what do you think, does this look good for my needs or should I consider something else out there?

    Should I just build a small gaming PC and just set it up quickly each shift and forget about the notebook? I don't think it will look good if word gets around that I'm setting up a desktop computer to game on, even though I'll be gaming on a laptop just the same.

    Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc will be greatly appreciated.
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    just want to point out that the $900 price increase is not only for the upgrade of the 2070, but also you upgrade the cpu from i7-8750H to i9-8950HK

    when there is HK on a cpu chip that means it has overclocking support (i think)

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