Ipad Pro vs Ipad 2017, my thoughts

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by NYCtech, Mar 26, 2018.

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    So I had a good play around with them both today.

    Definitely the 120hz is noticeable. I just dont know without full fledged light room whether Id use it.

    Also I think I was expecting too much from the display, I play a movie side by side and the looked identical. I prob should have guessed that. And of course anything in HDR should look better on the Pro.

    In the OS definitely the screen looks more like paper thin and sooooo fluid.

    To me unless you are a digital artist, the Ipad Pro is over kill, or if you have the money in which case you can do what you want. The Ipad 2017 is surprisingly quite functional as a semi notebook replacement, movies, a quick browse etc.

    Cant wait for the announcement. A11x might change my mind lol

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