Interview with a Hackintosher #2 - Pietro Caruso - TINU installer update

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    (Episode #1 below. :) )

    Interview with a Hackintosher #2- Pietro Caruso- TINU installer update

    Peter Paul Chato
    Published on Dec 1, 2018
    159- We talk about updates to the TINU installer and the challenges of a vanilla Hackintosh install. We also talk a little bit about Hackintosh on portables.
    A good Vanilla Hackintosh guide
    When he gets to Building the USB Installer part, just use TINU.

    Links discussed in the video:
    Portable Hackintoshing support:
    Insanelymac link (in Italian)

    RehabMan link:

    TINU Installer

    Pietro's YouTube channel. Hopefully, he'll start posting in English. :)

    Introduction to Vanilla Hackintosh. TINU installer. (#1)
    Peter Paul Chato
    Published on Nov 2, 2018
    154- Wonderful interview with Pietro Caruso, Hackintosher, programmer and nice person direct from Italy. This is an introduction to Vanilla Hackintoshing. A slightly different approach from the more prepackaged TonyMacX86 style of Unibeast and Multibeast tools. A lot of controversy over which method is better, but we didn't get into that here. I don't really care. If you can get your Hackintosh up and running, that's all that matters. But, as you get more knowledgeable, maybe Vanilla is for you.
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