Interchange internals - NP900X3C, NP900X3E, NP900X3F

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by macmatt43, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    First things first - this is a super forum! Thank you so much to everyone who contributes.

    I have a Samsung NP900X3C and my partner has a NP900X3E. Both (still) working incredibly well.

    I now (very cheaply) bought a used NP900X3F to be used for spare parts should any internals of our two existing laptops fail.

    Here's the main question:

    1) Which of the components of the NP900X3F can be used to replace the corresponding part in the NP900X3C/E?

    I tried researching part numbers but (as many of you) have found that Samsung confusingly uses different part numbers for interchangeable parts.

    I think I can swap a lot more parts between the X3F and the X3C / X3E than just identical part numbers but have failed to find a thread on this forum listing what is interchangeable and what isn't. And I mean a comprehensive list from everything like the screen to keyboard controllers, bios batteries and sideboards (which include the mini HDMI and USB ports).

    Can anyone help with this or point me to a useful resource?

    Here's my second (slightly less important) question:

    The cheap NP900X3F that I bought only shows horizontal lines when I turn it on. I tried to connect the screen to one of the existing laptops and found the screen to still be malfunctioning.

    I disconnected the display in the NP900X3F and connected the laptop to my TV via micro HDMI. I found that the laptop boots straight into BIOS and the BIOS shows fine on my TV via HDMI but the keyboard isn't working so I can't do anything in the BIOS. I tried to connect a different keyboard to the laptop but it's still the same.

    2) Does this point to a damaged motherboard or does the fact that the laptop boots into BIOS and that the micro HDMI is working suggest the motherboard is ok? If the latter is true how can I go about isolating the source of the fault?

    Even if I can't fix the NP900X3F on its own, I'd still like to use as many of its internals as spare parts for the existing NP900X3C/E as possible.

    Hence identifying which components are interchangeable between the X3F and the X3C/E and isolating the faulty components in the NP900X3F are crucial!

    Looking forward to all of your bright ideas!

    Best wishes and regards

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