Installing wifi 6 on hp 15-ac

Discussion in 'HP' started by Mohammad Kadid, Apr 28, 2021.

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    So i wanted to upgrade to wifi 6 so, i bought a wifi 6 card the intel ax200NGW and plugged it into my computer and booted the computer it was all fine and i installed the drivers for it and everything but the card is not detected on my laptop. I ran the diagnosis for the wireless module in the bios and it said not installed.. but i can say the card is getting some power because after i booted my laptop i shuted it down and open my laptop back case and touched the card and felt some heat also the antenna area had some heat too.. here is a pic of my old wifi laptop specs are:
    I7 5500u -64- bit
    Windows 10 (originally 8.1)
    Bios: insyde F.27

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