Installing DELL/HP FirePro W7170M in a Clevo P150 truly hopeless?

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by SMGJohn, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Thanks for the mention.

    Actually theres been a small rush in bitcoin/mining lately so a few workstation options have been on the radar, theres even a rackmount with like dozens of mobile (like 980M sized MXM 3.0 size) videocards...

    we have a few mainstream laptops as workstation variants with subtle extra's. Like stronger hinges or extra TPM for encryption or workstation cards or different panels (for the artists that need better picture, the real expensive stuff)

    Like the F5 can use a XEON CPU, just a quad core, but it's effectively capable of being on 24/7 under load, as a mobile server. Great for LAN parties IMO!
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    The Max-Q as far as I understand is a limit TDP version of the same card, the 1070 Max-Q is effectively 10 to 15% slower than the 1070 laptop version.
    I am not sticking 150W TDP card into a Clevo P150, I am not insane.

    However Eurocom's 1070 is 120W according to their pictures anyway, this is more reasonable as you have to understand here the heatsink in the Clevo P150 is only rated for maximum 125W MXM card.
    Anything higher would require me to design an entirely new heatsink and have it manufactured out of pure silver which will probably cost more than the entire 1070 and the computer combined.

    Yes I am putting together a desktop for workstation application, but the Clevo P150 is nice and light compared to a desktop even as small one as I am building.
    The P150 I can transport with me to university or work with no real issue, I can carry it in a bag with one power adapter and that is about it.
    Its also really nice gaming kit, I can sit in a comfy chair gaming while the workstation is situated in its regular place.

    The P150EM still has to be capable of pulling its load, the M290X is nice card for gaming, useless for workstation application because AMD keeps bugging OpenGL and OpenCL all the time.
    Since W7170M wont work, then I must use 1060 or 1070

    Here the Chinese put the MSI 1060 in the Clevo P170 and it worked.

    And yeah trust me, I hate BGA with passion you probably would not believe. The only BGA machines I own is this old Dell XPS M1210 which is a 12,1 inch, its a wonderful machine, anything below 15 inch can be BGA because the form factor technically would not even allow MXM 3.0a fit in there with proper cooling.
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